Reasons to use Promotional Products – The List

  • Promotional Products are a fun way of marketing your business. From pens to power banks, keyrings to kites, lighters to lanyards, any item with your business name helps to promote your company.

  • Giving away branded merchandise is low cost effective marketing. There are so many different types of promotional product that they are suitable for any marketing budget. If you have less than £50 to spend a year on promotional marketing, obtain some leaflets to drop in your targeted audiences doors or, invest in a fabulous set of pens to giveaway to potential new customers so they remember your business name.

  • With each promotional product there will be varying styles, sizes and colours to suit your brand and make your items truly bespoke. We can Pantone many of our products to your business logo too.

  • Promotional products help to create instant brand recognition. Every time someone uses your promotional products, your company name is being seen. This can lead to recipients thinking of your business the next time they need the products or services you provide. Giveaways items such as clothing and bags turn the recipients into walking billboards every time they wear them.

  • Promotional products are a targeted item. If you’re giving branded merchandise away at a particular exhibition you’re attending then your target audience is already there. If you put an advert in a paper or magazine it could be seen by many people that don’t need your product and is potentially wasted money from your marketing budget.

  • There are so many types of useful promotional product including pens, pencils, keyrings, umbrellas and tshirts. The more useful an item is, the more someone will use it and the more your brand will be seen.

  • Promotional products last! Business branded stationery on a desk will last for years meaning that your brand will be seen by potential customers for a long time to come.

  • Promotional products are versatile. They can be used as giveaways at exhibitions to potential customers. Items that suit this kind of advertising are keyrings and pens as they are portable. Promotional products can also be used as gifts for loyal customers at the end of the year. Our luxury chocolate boxes, awards and wireless power banks are great for this. Branded merchandise can also be used as sales incentives or employee appreciation gifts if a particular member of staff is performing well.

  • Last but not least, promotional products are memorable. You remember when the item was received and how it was given to you. The items themselves can hold great memories for a person and in turn will help them to remember your business.

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