Enamel Or Ceramic – Which Is The Promotional Mug For You?


Promotional mugs are the original promotional gift and still one of the most popular branded giveaways.

Here’s why:

  • Branded mugs are useful – we all love a cuppa when we get to our desk in the morning, don’t we?

  • They are a cost effective promotional item to buy and give out to potential or loyal clients. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your promotional giveaways to make a big impact.

  • Promotional mugs have a large area for your business logo, image and tagline. This means eye-catching designs of your choice, vibrant colours to stand out from the crowd and the space to portray your business message to your prospective customers.

There are many reasons to choose mugs in your next promotional giveaway campaign but, which material do you want your mug made from – enamel or ceramic?

Enamel Mugs

Enamelware has become increasingly popular over the past year or so, especially in the promotional products industry. Predominantly used for outdoor activities such as camping and picnics due to its lightweight feel enamelware is developing into popular indoor kitchenware.

Here are a few reasons why we think this is so:

  • The variety of colours. Traditionally speckled, enamel mugs can come in an assortment of colours; pastel, bright and shiny. We can even Pantone match the custom colours of your business logo.

  • Having lightweight mugs is great for outdoor activities when you’re carrying items in backpack for long periods of time. Lightweight enamel mugs are also fantastic for children to use in nurseries and preschool when they’re learning to drink from different types of cups.

  • They can handle the heat. Enamel mugs can hold a boiling hot cup of coffee as well as any ceramic mug. This will help your employees first thing in the morning when they get their caffeine fix out of a business branded mug.

  • It’s long lasting. As enamel is glass-coated steel, it can chip around the edges if you love it aggressively but that adds to its charm. It’s has longevity and vintage enamelware is even a collector’s item.

Ceramic mugs

Ceramic mugs are the most popular promotional mug material. There are a large variety of shapes and styles including latte mugs, espresso cups, tall, small, skinny and mini. So many types.

Here are a few more reasons why promotional ceramic mugs might be the choice for you:

  • They are tried and tested. Ceramic mugs have been a popular promotional mug material for a long time, and it works. Why go with any other option?

  • They might just be the cheaper option. If you have a tight budget then ceramic mugs could be the better choice for you. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a big impact.

  • With varying styles, colour options and different ways to display your brand there is more diversity with a ceramic mug and you can really show what your brand represents.

Head to bmt Promotions website to have a look at our drinkware products to see which of our mug options would suit your business and get in touch with any queries.

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