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Choose the best Promotional Sweets for promotional events

Are you organising or participating in a trade show? Then contact with your potential clients should be on a sweet note. Do you have a chain of hotels or offices? Your reception desk needs to have customised candies that will promote your brand and leave a pleasing lingering taste in the minds and mouth of the customers.

One of the best ways to do this is by choosing our promotional candies and sweets. We give you the option to customise the sweets as per your brand requirements. If you need your company initials or your business logo printed on these candies then all that you need to do is provide us with the information. We will produce the artwork and once approved you will get your Printed Sweets with the personalised touch.

Choose from an array of delectable options:

Ball display sweets:

These are perfect giveaway gifts at corporate fairs and at promotional events for kids. Minimum order of 50 pieces has to be placed.

Candy pack:

Give away these sugar-free hard candies to people visiting your stall in a trade fair. These can also be an ideal giveaway in school exhibitions. Mini candy pack option is also available.

Jar box:

Why not keep a jar with your company name printed on it and the candies in the retail outlet where you want to promote your product? The retailer can later use the jar to keep something else but your company or product name on the jar will be a constant reminder for the customer.

Midi and mini display sweets.

If you do not want to give a jar then there are other options. You can opt for a midi display box. If you need a smaller box then choose the option of mini display sweets.

Maxi sweets:

One more option in Personalised Sweets is maxi basic and premium sweets. These too can be used at reception counters, exhibitions and trade fairs.

As you can see we provide a number of options to our customers. You can be rest assured about the excellence of the candies. We make no compromise with the quality standards on taste, design and service.

Decide on your budget and the quantity that you need. Send over your customisation details and we’ll get straight to work. Once you approve the artwork we shall process the order and make sure that you get the order within the stipulated time.