Advertising through Promotional Laptop Bags

A laptop bag has become an essential item for commuters and workers taking their portable computers to and from the office on a regular basis. The laptop bag is the physical shield for your laptop, protecting it from damage and making it easy to transport. Whether you’re going to a meeting, working from a café or home, laptops and tablets come with us. So, why not upgrade your laptop bag to a promotional case and advertise your business on the go?

When you choose the right promotional bag for your target audience, you are advertising your business to them and delivering you marketing message. You also get to advertise to a wider audience which includes passers-by that see you walking in the street with your promotional laptop bag.

Our laptop bags are multi-functional, with space for other items including pouches for phones and a separate compartment for books, food and accessories. This makes our promotional laptop bags suitable for college and university courses, attending exhibitions and tradeshows and for many types of work including the service industry, sales teams and office workers. This is the fabulous thing about promotional laptop bags and their wide appeal – the majority of people have some form of device, papers and accessories to take with them wherever they may go.

What type of bag should you choose?

When you’re walking down a busy city street, commuting on a train or awaiting a plane, it is highly likely that you’ll spot many shoulder laptop bags. These comfortable to wear, resilient bags are one of our most affordable branded laptop bag options that can be branded with your business logo via transfer, screen printing or embroidered onto the bag.

The bag ideal for commuters is the laptop backpack. Whether you’re walking, or cycling to work, the laptop backpacks have plenty of storage space for other items (including lunch and your gym kit) saving them from carrying two bags around. With extra compartments for chargers and other laptop accessories, they’re perfect for taking your tablet on the move. The laptop backpacks are lightweight, stylish and easy to carry and make an ideal gift for your employees. Add your business branding to these fabulous bags via screen printing or transfer for advertising on the go.

Practical promotional products

The more practical a promotional product is (e.g. an umbrella, powerbank or bag), the more people will use it. The more your business branding is visible for people to see, the more likely people are to think about your business and the products or services you’re offering. A laptop bag is a very practical product and can even be used when you don’t need to transport your laptop about.

Have a look at our laptop bags, or any of our promotional bag collection, and contact us in the bmt Promotions office on 01933 409489 or email for a quote or with any queries or questions you may have.