What Promotional Products Should You Invest In For An Upcoming Event?

If you’re about to host an event such as a business opening launch, a new product unveiling or 10 year business anniversary party, then you will need to consider how to get people to your event and how the event décor incorporates your business message. Signs and leaflets Promoting your event is the main way […]

Five Branded Mugs To Market Your Business

Branded mugs are a great promotional tool for many companies. They are affordable, substantial and offer vast variety. You can easily distribute promotional mugs as giveaways to your customers to raise the exposure of your business and get your brand seen. Have a peek at the promotional cups and mugs we can offer for your company […]

Fidget Spinners – The 90’s toy that’s made a 2017 comeback

Fidget Spinners

It’s halfway through 2017 and we’ve already seen a number of trends pop up over the course of the year. Internet memes, weird fashion trends like plastic jeans and now we’ve been reintroduced to a 90’s toy that’s made a comeback…Fidget Spinners. What is a Fidget Spinner? It’s a type of toy, who marketers claim […]

A business reaching a fork in the road

bmt promotions

Recently, at bmt Promotions, we reached a fork in the road. We’ve needed to make decisions regarding management and money, both subjects creating a whole host of questions. What choices should be made for “the best”, both professionally and personally? Substantial changes within small business can happen very quickly. A lot of these changes can […]

Chocolate, Chocolate everywhere!


It’s that time of year again! The shops are filled with novelty Halloween costumes, fireworks and sparklers for bonfire night, advent calendars and, dare I say it, Christmas goodies! One theme runs through all of these events, CHOCOLATE! I’ve already seen packets of candy ghouls, edible Santa’s and sweet treats in the shape of exploding fireworks. Chocolate is a true UK favourite and is […]

Expand Your Branded Marketing With Some Promotional Balloons


Promotional balloons are a striking and cost-effective way of advertising your business. A branded balloon can do many things, they can hold your company logo, be colourful, bright, they’re interactive and eye-catching. They can also be purchased in bulk and stored easily for several business events throughout the year. What type of events could I […]