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Promotional Pens by BMT

Over the years, promotional pens have been a popular choice for building brand recognition during marketing campaigns. For advertising; the internet provides precise tracking of the results of your entire campaign and its reach. But it cannot be ignored that promotional products and branded gifts have a charming effect on your brand and sales. In addition to brand awareness and better sales, this form of marketing gives a better return on investment.

Promotional pens are very effective when it comes to product promotion. Pens are small to carry, easy to give away and are of great use for almost anyone and everyone. There are many other uses of promotional pens. Let’s talk a little more in detail about them.

Increased Brand Recognition

Promotional pens are very simple tools which can assist in increasing the brand awareness of your business. You can strategically customise promotional pens by putting your logo and company name on the product, ensuring that your brand name stays in the forefront of the mind of your customers. A huge number of promotional pens can be made in one batch, providing your company with great exposure.


When deciding on the best promotional item for your company, it is wise to think of an item which will be put to a heavy use by your customers. You may wish to get creative and invest in other types of promotional items, such as t-shirts, bottle openers and magnets. However, promotional pens are unique in the fact that almost everyone uses a pen or needs a pen for day to day tasks. Consequently, Promotional pens won’t go waste and will provide great reach for your company.

Powerful Marketing

Although having staple marketing products is important, having different and unique marketing products is also required to assist your brand in standing out from the competition. Giving out promotional pens will always increase your brand’s recall value as they can be put to use time after time. We can provide promotional pens that have your company colour on them, prompting individuals to  think of your brand name when they come across that specific colour.

Promotional Pens by BMT

At BMT we generally observe a great demand for promotional pens. Being one of the most cost effective ways of gaining  great exposure to your brand, and creating a strong awareness amongst your customers and clients, the popularity of such items continues to soar.

Here at BMT we can offer you a wide range of promotional pens. We have printed ball-pens, engraved pens, low-cost budget pens, promotional metal pens, pantone matched ball-pens and high end corporate executive pens.

We also provide promotional pencils and highlighter pens.

Choosing the right Promotional Pen

We can match the specification of your promotional pens to your requirements.

We have great value plastic pens, metal ball-pen and pencil sets as well as brand name such as Prodir Pens, Parker Pens, Cross Pens, Balmain Pens, Waterman Pens, Rotring Pens, Sharpie Highlighters, Paper Mate, Sheaffer and BiC. Further to this, we also specialise in selling ecological and recycled plastic pens.

We know that promotional pens are one of the most appealing and are a very cost effective way to promote a brand.

Consequently, we offer a fast turnaround service with some of our printed pens available to you in just 24 hours on our Express Printed Pen Service.

BMT: Our Promotional Pens For You

We work hard to make sure that our prices are the best in the market. We strive to keep our prices low, without affecting the quality of our products or service.

Our range of promotional pens is constantly growing so that we can keep fulfilling the needs of our highly valued customers.

For successful promotion, and to reach the desired effect, it is necessary that your promotional pens are appropriately customised.

Here at BMT, we have a highly dedicated team who will always be happy to assist you when deciding on the most appropriate promotional pens to cater for all your business needs.

We never tire of finding solutions for our customers. We can guide you in selecting the best pens for your company and strategise a customised design to suit your brand in a very cost effective manner.

We are speedy in sending out our deliveries and take pride in saying that your company’s branding will be handled by professionals here at BMT.

Benefits of BMT Promotional Pens:

Walking Advertisements

Direct mail, television and radio ads can be very effective. But for these ads to work, the target audience has to be exposed to those ads at a right time. For example – your radio ad may play while someone is travelling.

But the moment the ad goes off the air, this person may forget about your company. However, this is not the case with promotional pens.

Promotional pens bearing your company name and details may be seen as a mobile advertisement for your brand, as items branded with your company name can be put to use many times, and work very efficiently if exposed to your target audience within the appropriate time frames.

Alternate business card

A business card is undoubtedly the best way to promote your business anywhere and everywhere you go, but promotional pens are a very creative way to showcase your contact information.

A well designed and well strategized pen can do wonders for your business. The type of pen you give out will also speak volumes about the status and standards of your company.

Therefore, a pen can act as an image of your company which conveys the core aspects and fundamentals of your business in a very subtle manner. Here at BMT, we can provide you with the most appropriate designs which will work the best for your company.

Very Cost Effective

Just think about how much you can spend on marketing. A lot of small scale business owners may not have spare capital for this purpose, and the hunt for cost effective ways to get desired exposure may seem ongoing.

However, BMT Promotional pens are very cost friendly and commonly used for marketing purposes to attract your target audience.

As a small item, promotional pens can be made in large batches at low cost, without reducing quality.

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We are an enthusiastic team that consists of dedicated sales advisors, art and design team, samples department, website developers and system developers.

We continuously strive to maximise consistency and efficiency of service, and always assign a dedicated contact to each client. We ensure a smooth process right from taking your order to dispatching the delivery.

You can rely on us to ensure your products are delivered on time, in full and at a price that fulfils your business’s needs.

When working alongside us you will benefit from our devoted and unique approach, alongside pleasant customer support staff that continue to deliver an excellent service, reflected by the growth of our client base.

We believe in seeking constructive feedback from our valuable customers and consider every point carefully, helping us to improve our services.

With over 15,000 different promotional products available from our UK, European & Far East suppliers, we have the ability to respond to short lead times.


We source our products from all over the globe and this means we can offer niche products that you may never even have thought of. Get your free quotation now.

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