Advantages Of Promotional Exhibition Displays

Trade shows and exhibitions offer unique opportunities to:

1. Successfully close sales and generate leads in a relaxed, direct environment.
2. Meet with existing customers to strengthen brand loyalty.
3. Create lasting business relationships with other vendors and industry professionals.

Many organisations and businesses participate in various trades shows annually to display new products, tell people about their business or introduce a new service they are providing. Using trade shows as a promotional method gives businesses a chance to be creative and come up with eye-catching ways to show their industry what they have to offer.

At bmt promotions we offer a range of Promotional Exhibition Displays that can help your business present its products or services in striking ways. With various styles of roller banner, exhibition stands and accessories, your exhibition display can be tailored to your needs. The products that make up your exhibition display can show your brand name and logo, business message and information about the topic or product you are showing. It can be a difficult task to promote a new product or service in competitive industries but, with bmt Promotions, we will work with you to give you the desired outcome and make your exhibition display outstanding.

Some of the products in our Promotional Exhibition Display range include:

1. Branded Deckchairs
These traditional hardwood deckchairs are traditionally seen on beaches and promenades around the world. These stylish and comfortable deckchairs are a quirky and practical addition to an outdoor exhibition event. They manufactured by experts with top-quality, durable materials. Branded deckchairs are a great promotional item to help advertise the opening of a new garden centre, a lawn party or a pop-up shop to introduce your business in your local town. Your business branding can be printed onto the deckchair via digital printing for a vibrant promotional item that can be used time and time again.

2. Desktop Roller Banner
Promotional Desktop Roller Banners are another item that can be added to your promotional exhibition display for a trade show. Desktop Roller banners are a fabulous desktop promoter that is portable and can be used numerous times at work events, exhibitions and trade shows . This desktop roller is easy to use and quick to assemble. It is light in weight, has a two-piece support pole, a self-adhesive top rail and a retractable roller. The base is commonly made from aluminium whereas the graphic area is usually printed on to a vinyl or polypropylene substrate.

3. Exhibition Pop-up display stand
This Exhibition pop-up stand is a back wall stand that can be erected at a trade show. It can display a vast amount of information about your business, product or service you are promoting.

These stands come in varieties of sizes such as 1m× 3m, 2m× 3m, 3m× 3m and consist of a folding frame made of anodized aluminium which is simple to erect.

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