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For years, promotional products have been used as part of various marketing campaigns to boost brand awareness.

Traditionally, promotional product marketing has been a large part of advertising and branding, and this trend doesn’t look to wane anytime soon. Moreover, promotional products can be used to see the effectiveness of online marketing.

Using a wide range of products for promotional purposes has long been an effective form of exposure and is recognised for having an overall positive impact on a brand.

The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) has conducted research and several surveys and determined that there is a direct correlation between improved brand awareness and recognition and promotional product advertising.

Another plus point concerning promotional product advertising is that it generates better return on investment.

Promotional products have a lasting effect and help individuals remember a brand’s name long after they have interacted with the company.

At BMT, we have a wide range of promotional products that you can choose from, and our dedicated team can help you consider the suitability and effectiveness of each product for your target audience.

Our Promotional Umbrellas are one of the best choices you can opt for, useful for your campaigning and building brand awareness.

BMT Promotions To The Rescue!

In need of promotional products from a reputable company? You have come to the right place! Get your very own branded promotional umbrellas at BMT Promotions. We make, responsibly sourced and customise your products, ensuring they fit your needs. Further to this, we pack and distribute your promotional products as we understand that last minute delivery isn’t good for business.

Why would someone use promotional umbrellas you ask? Let us at BMT Promotions gives you some reasons…

  • Very Handy and Useful: promotional umbrellas are top of the list when it comes to usefulness. It is well known that individuals will only keep an item when they have a use for it. Consequently, investing in promotional products that can be frequently used, such as promotional umbrellas can gain a great deal of exposure for your brand. Printed promotional umbrellas are very useful all year around, not only in the rain, but on golf courses, the high street and at various gatherings and events. Having your brand logo printed on a product that is frequently used will build brand awareness, helping your company stays fresh in the minds of your target demographic.

  • Rainy Day Gear: The UK has around 130 days of rain in a year. Therefore, promotional umbrellas are an ideal gift that you can be assured will get regular use. Promotional umbrellas will shield your customers from the rain, and also provide exposure to your brand name amidst the splash.

  • Wide Print Areas: Promotional umbrellas provide a wide print area in excess of 300mm for the logo of your brand, making it an ideal choice when investing in a promotional product. Through promotional umbrellas, your brand logo can be visible from up to 50 metres away. Consequently, such products are useful in a wide variety of circumstances, including crowds, at corporate functions, sporting events and even press conferences.

  • Durable and Long-Term Usage: Our quality promotional umbrellas will last for a long time. Storm-proof umbrellas have been specially designed to blow inside out in strong winds. A sturdy fibreglass ribbed frame shields the umbrella from damage adding to its durability, ensuring it can be used for a long term period of time. We take pride in the quality of every promotional product we stock, understanding that such items will represent your company image.

  • Can be Tailored Specifically for Your Audience: Promotional Umbrellas can be tailored to cater to the need of your target audience. Being a unisex product you can demonstrate both flexibility and thoughtfulness towards your audience.

  • Can Experiment with Colours: Our promotional umbrellas can be printed with vibrant colours and designs, appealing to the eye and speaking for your brand. With a range of colours to choose from you may even transform your promotional product into a must-have fashion item. We understand that the overall look of your promotional product communicates your brand message, and we will take care to tailor the product to your exact specification.

  • No Niche: An umbrella is an item which can be used by anybody and everybody, and therefore has no predefined niche to be considered by your business.

  • Affordable for Small Businesses: Compared to other products, promotional umbrellas are very affordable, helping businesses that have strict budget constraints.

Why Choose BMT for Promotional Umbrella’s?

Here at BMT we offer a broad range of promotional umbrellas. Our products are competitively priced and our knowledge and expertise is what makes us your ideal choice.

We understand your needs and seamlessly connect you with the solutions to give you an edge over your competitors. We believe that promotional umbrellas are one of the very best promotional products on the market, owing to their simplicity and vast usefulness.

The quality of the promotional umbrellas you invest in is of utmost importance, as they may be kept for a long period of time. Further to this, their large surface area gives them the edge when it comes to logo visibility and impression.

Our diverse range of umbrellas means that we can offer a wide variety of suitable umbrellas to all of our customers, specifically tailored to their expectations.

BMT Promotional Umbrellas for Lasting Awareness

Promotional Umbrellas are the quintessential business gift that offers practicability coupled with durability. Promotional umbrellas are especially useful when you consider the glorious British weather. At BMT, we offer a range of printed umbrellas which are available in many styles and sizes, including golf umbrellas, city umbrellas and telescopic mini brollies with a large choice of canopy colors, handle choices and printing methods. We’re confident that we will have the eye-catching design that will fit your advertising needs, and help you connect with your target audience.

BMT Promotions will Help You Leave an Impression

It is important to leave an impression on your customers with amazing marketing and advertising techniques. At BMT Promotions we deliver your expectations tenfold. Our skill and knowledge of promotional products can help you build on your success and grow.

We offer promotional umbrellas with printed logos, quality-professional umbrellas, and umbrellas with vibrant colors to help you represent your brand in the best light. Do not worry if you have a budget constraint.

Our vast experience means you will receive the best printed promotional umbrellas that will spread brand recognition and give you the aesthetic you desire.

When your customers use promotional umbrellas they are essentially a walking advertisement for your business, building brand awareness without occurring additional advertisement costs.

Get in touch with us today to receive a quote for your project. We have an amazing team dedicated to helping you with any queries. Call us for the best promotional products on the planet.


We source our products from all over the globe and this means we can offer niche products that you may never even have thought of. Get your free quotation now.

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