Spread happiness with Easter Chocolate Gifts

Gifting promotional chocolate eggs and tasty treats is an excellent way to advertise your business brand over the Easter holidays.

Three examples of how Easter confectionary could work for you are:

If you’re a shop owner, creating a display of branded mini chocolate mini eggs in your retail stores could generate more custom to your business. We all love a freebie and if you’re gifting your customers a sweet treat when they buy from your shop, there is more chance of them returning for further purchases.

Sending promotional chocolate and sweet treats, around Easter, to prospective customers in the post is another great way to attract customers to your shop or website to look at your products or read up on the services you provide.

Having branded Easter confectionary at your exhibition stand during the months of March and April will also help to boost interaction with potential new customers at trade shows.

The types of Easter chocolate and sweet treats we offer include:

3D Easter Chocó Puzzle

This fantastic promotional edible chocolate puzzle is a great giveaway for a children’s charity, school or nursery. Coming in either the shape of a sheep, an Easter egg or a rabbit this tasty treat can be produced in your favourite chocolate – milk, dark or white. The Easter choco puzzle can have your business branding printed on the box in vibrant colour for the biggest impact.

Chocó Easter egg

This Choco Easter egg is a chocolate bar in the shape of an easter egg. Your business logo will be printed in the box in your company’s custom colours. These make great gifts to send out in the post to prospective customers as they a flat product and easy to post. These chocolate egg bars come in a variety of flavours including:

  • White chocolate with orange
  • Dark chocolate with strawberries
  • Cranberries and crunchy spheres covered with milk chocolate
  • Peach and crunchy spheres covered with salty caramel
  • Milk chocolate with pineapple, blackberries and crunchy spheres covered with salty caramel.

Easter collection

This delightful Easter Box that can be branded with your business logo on the box. Choose from milk, white or dark chocolate covered cherries and gingerbread to gift to your loyal and potential new customers at exhibitions, shop openings and product launches.

Easter Farm

This delightful box of farm animal chocolate shapes would make a great Easter treat for children in schools and nursery’s. The shapes include, lambs, chickens, eggs and rabbits which have become symbols of Easter. The tasty chocolate also comes in a box that is able to be posted so it could be sent out to customers as a ‘Thank-You’ over the Easter period.


Once your artwork design has been approved, your chocolate will be made and your business branding will be printed onto the box of the goodies. It can take 2-3 weeks for delivery of your Easter treats.

For more products, please look below. If you require further information on our Easter confectionary please get in touch by emailing hello@bmtpromotions.co.uk or calling 01933 409489