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Diaries – The Perfect Promotional Souvenir for Your Loyal Clients

When each year comes to an end, many business managers and entrepreneurs like to give a souvenir to their loyal clients, associates and hard-working employees. The perfect gift to choose would be a product which will not only act as a perfect marketing tool but will also be useful to the person who receives it.

One item with dual benefit is Promotional Diaries. This is the finest memento that you can give to your clients at the end of the year to say thank you for your custom. Also, the details about your company will remain in front of the client throughout the next year and your business brand will be in the forefront of their minds each time they use the diary.

For all your diary requirements you can rely on us at bmt Promotions. We are a premier promotional products company who manufacture the highest quality custom-made diaries. We make sure that the products are of top-quality standard and we offer bespoke solutions for your clients depending on their specific requirements. Have a look at some of the diary options that we have to offer.

Custom Printed Diaries:

Since you are going to use this diary as a promotional material it goes without saying that the details about your company have to be there on the diary. We provide customised solutions for this, as per your requirements. Your company logo can be embossed or digitally printed on the diaries. If you need any other ideas with where to add your logo from a marketing perspective, we can help with that too. This could be the inclusion of maps in the diary or extra printed branded pages, planners etc.

Pocket Diaries:

Do you want to present your customers with a small diary that will help to keep reminders and details about their daily tasks? In that case, you need to opt for our pocket diaries. These mini diaries are the perfect giveaways at exhibitions and trade shows. You can have your company logo and company contact details printed on them too so that your clients can easily connect with you.

A4 Diaries:

Need to give a larger diary to the customers as a New Year gift? Then you should choose the A4 size diaries. The client can write down a number of important things in a much greater space. You can have your business logo or perhaps your company’s tagline printed on the hardback cover. This type of diary is one of the best gifts that you can give to your top notch clients.

A5 Diaries:

If you want diaries that slightly smaller than our A4 diaries then you need to choose the A5 diaries. Here too you can have the company tag line printed on the hardback cover. You can also have your company logo printed on the diaries.

Personalised Diaries:

You may just be about to launch a very ambitious product and would like to have that on the cover page of the diary. Your company may be celebrating its Golden Jubilee year and you would like to have a camouflage of pictures of milestone events to be printed on the cover page. If you have such personalised requirements then we can help. Just tell us about your vision and we will assist you in realising it!

Providing your clients with a 2019 promotional diary is the perfect end of year gift which will ensure your name is at the forefront of their mind for the year ahead. We have an extensive range of promotional diaries which one in varied colours, sizes & formats. Whether your logo is suited to foil blocking, embossing or digital print, we have the solution for you. We can also provide bespoke solutions such as printed pages, maps etc to enhance your marketing options.

This is why you must choose us!

We are a premium promotional products company that can help you gift the best range of diaries to your clients. We are here to help you bring your vision into reality. All that you need to do is give us the specifications and we can do the rest. We have a large number of clients who procure different promotional goods from us. If you have any specific promotional product requirements then you need to get in touch with us now. Contact us with a copy of your logo, to see what your 2019 diary will look like on 01933 409489 or Call us or write to us or connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram now!


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