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Promotional Umbrellas For A Winter Washout


Promotional umbrellas are a fantastic way to advertise your brand during the wet winter months. When it is pouring with rain on your way to a business meeting or event, pop up one of your branded umbrellas and let the passersby see your company logo. Promotional umbrellas are great giveaways for your customers too! When […]

BMT Promotions: The Premier Destination for Promotional Umbrellas


The entire goal of advertising is to reach as much prospective customers as possible to generate maximum leads and sales for your business. Often, many businesses struggle at formulating effective advertising strategies that yield positive results on their behalf. Fortunately, BMT Promotions has spent multiple year providing businesses with promotional items for their business. Our […]

From Enquiry To Delivery – The Journey Of An Umbrella Order


From the initial call, email or website enquiry from a customer, at bmt Promotions we are delighted to be able to help. From the early stages of a query, right through to sourcing materials, quoting and producing the order.Each of the steps it takes to fulfil the customers’ needs is well thought out and personable. […]

Four Ways To Use Promotional Umbrellas


Branded umbrellas are an extremely useful giveaway. BMT Promotions have a wide variety of umbrella styles and they come in many colours. They make a great background for any logo and can be custom produced to match your business branding. Whether you’re looking to improve the style of an existing event, motivate customers to come […]

Promotional Branded Umbrellas


The temperatures have dropped, the sun has all but disappeared, and the rain is just around the corner! Many people carry an umbrella around with them, or even keep one in the car, just in case. A great promotional marketing tool is to use a branded umbrella, giving your company even more exposure. At BMT Promotions, we supply a wide range of […]

How many umbrella’s does it take to keep King of Saudi Arabia dry?


In England, we tend to have very unpredictable weather. Sometimes it’s bright and sunny, other times it’s wet and pouring down with rain which requires us to get our brolly’s out. One umbrella is usually enough to keep us dry. However, if you’re the King of Saudi Arabia, you need SEVEN umbrellas to keep you […]

Different Printing Methods for Promotional Umbrellas


With our telescopic, walking and golf umbrellas to choose from there are many ways in which you can promote your brand in the rain. Promotional umbrellas can also be printed in a variety of ways to help your business branding truly stand out from the crowd. Screen Printing Screen printing is a well-established print method […]