Advantages of Custom Printed Roller Banners

Customer Printed Roller banners have several great advantages as a form marketing: they are extremely cost-effective, they’re light in weight, durable and easy to assemble and can be dismantled quickly. Coming with a bag to carry them in, roller banner stands are easy to store, move and carry from place to place.

With the ability to add your own images and business branding on these roller banners, you can create an eye catching bespoke design for an exhibition, new product presentation or a retail window display. The custom printed roller banners stand at different heights and can be printed with your bespoke business information vertically or horizontally depending on your requirements.

Some main positive points about custom printed roller banners include:

  • A well designed roller banner is educational and engaging and should allow your target audience to absorb information without having to read an abundance of text. Keep your banner design simple, using lively colours to catch the eye. Use specific keywords to draw people in and short, snappy sentences for the biggest impact.
  • Custom printed roller banners are a long-lasting product because of its durability. A top quality banner will last you for many years making these an extremely cost-effective promotional item for your business.
  • They are portable and easy to set up. Each banner comes with its own carry case making it easier for you to transport to each destination to advertise your products or services.

If you use a roller banner manufactured by bmt Promotions as your next marketing strategy, you will definitely get positive results. A banner can display more than what you can explain to your audience in words. Design a creative, attractive and to the point banner with a clear message and it will assist people to understand your company, products or services better.

The printing method that we generally use for our custom printed roller banners is digital printing. Digital printing is a four-colour print process. The colour are made up of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, with the desired image being split in to these primary colours. The printer then prints as a set of patterns or percentages of each chosen colour. This will then make up the anticipated image on your banner.

There are several types of roller banner that you can use as a marketing strategy:

1. Desktop Roller Banner
A popular marketing tool that you can use for an exhibition is a desktop promoter. Coming in A3 and A4 sizes, this retractable roller banner has a self-adhesive top rail, it’s lightweight with a two piece support pole. These banner are quick to assemble and easy to use.

2. Double-sided Roller Banner
Tough, durable and stable, our Double-Sided Roller Banner is carefully crafted and designed to incorporate the Linear channel allowing the integration of Linear accessories such as literature and tablet holders. These banners come in sizes ranging from 800mm to 2400mm and some key features include; Patented triple action Universal rail, hybrid telescopic pole, integrated tensioner with key, aluminium body, black plastic end caps & adjustable feet.

3. Standard Roller Banner
The standard roller banner is our most affordable banner. These stands are made from brushed aluminium and comes with swing out feet. They come with graphic pre-fitted to the stand and a carry case as standard. Roller Banners are great for Point of Sale promotions and Pop-up events, capturing attention without breaking the bank.