Branded Power Banks

Branded Power Banks

It would be fair to say that the smartphone is an integral part of our lives today. In a revised list for the basic essentials needed in life, it would be food, clothing, shelter… and a smartphone.

Wherever we go, the smartphone goes with us, it eats with us and sometimes even sleeps with us. In fact, one could say that everyday activities (household chores, work etc.) probably disturb us from our more exciting digital lives.

There is always a sense of intrigue when our phone buzzes informing us of an incoming message. Also, some hope that it may provide a welcome relief from the monotony of our day.

Not just smartphones; you could add any kind of ‘smart’ device like tablets, smart watches, iPods, mp3 players etc. to that list.

Just imagine the frustration, maybe even anguish you feel when your smart device is running low on battery and there is no way you can charge it. That’s why branded power banks might just be the most ideal and useful promotional gift that you can give to your customers.

Why Are BMT Branded Power Banks The Most Practical Gift You Can Give to Your Customers?

When thinking of promoting your company via free gifts it’s always important to consider how practical your gift is and how frequently it will be used. That’s why branded power banks are an ideal promotional gift. It can be used by anyone owning a smartphone or any other type of smart device.

Here Is Why Branded Power Banks Are So Useful:

  • It would be reasonable to assume that most (if not all) of your customers use smartphones or some type of smart device which mean that gifting branded power banks will be very well received. So, whenever your customer uses that power bank they will remember your thoughtful gesture.
  • If some of your clients are frequent travellers, then branded power banks will be of great use for them. For clients/customers who have long commutes to and from work, branded power banks could prove to be the ultimate boredom saver as it will ensure that their smart device never runs out of battery.
  • The greatest advantage of smartphones is that you don’t have to miss out on any of those precious moments in life that you wish to capture. But what if the most unexpected and exciting moment presents itself to you, but you’re unable to capture it because of low battery? In such instances, branded power banks can come in mighty handy.
  • Our branded power banks are portable and light-weight making them easy to carry around with you. If a potential client or customer is looking to quit smoking and are relying on electronic cigarettes then branded power banks are a great way to keep them charged.
  • Communication is vital in a business relationship and gifting branded power banks is one way of making sure that you can communicate with your client, and vice versa, at all times.


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    Why BMT Branded Power Banks Can Be The Ideal Marketing Tool for Your Company

    Your customers will think of your brand whenever they use it

    Whenever your clients/customers phone will run out of battery, they will remember you and your company. Why? Well, that’s because you were thoughtful enough to gift them free branded power banks. So, whenever that power bank is used (which is probably every day), your customer will think of your thoughtful gesture.

    Branded Power Banks can bring you wider recognition Branded power banks are usually used while travelling which means that when your customers are using it to charge their phone, there could be a number of potential customers who are looking at your company logo. This, in turn, leads to wider recognition of your brand.

    Branded power banks are an affordable investment Traditionally TV ads or radio were considered the best ways to market a brand to a wider audience. While the impact of these forms of marketing is undeniable, it’s also considerably costlier than promotional gifts. As already explained, the potential of recognition via branded power banks is wide but you can do so without investing significant amounts. Therefore, investing in branded power banks can be considered as a cost-effective move and a safe bet, one which will provide a better return on investment when compared to TV ads or radio.

    How To Select A Branded Power Bank To Promote Your Business?


    When selecting branded power banks, it is essential for them to have the same specifications as a standard smartphone battery. This will guarantee that your power bank can completely charge the device at least once. Branded power banks should be of practical use for most smartphone (or any other smart device) owners. If you select branded power banks which are not suitable for most of your customers or clients than your investment will be futile.

    Number Of Smart Devices And Affordability

    Again, from a customer’s point of view, when choosing a power bank, it is important to consider the number of smart devices that you intend to charge it with. If you have more than one device to charge then it’s wise to select branded power banks with multiple ports and cables so that you can charge your devices simultaneously. Branded power banks with multiple USB ports would be of more use to your customers/clients and therefore greater promotional value for you.

    Affordability Of Branded Power Banks

    Affordability is also an important factor to consider when selecting branded power banks. However, opting for extremely low cost branded power banks can ultimately cause more harm than good in the long run. This is because ‘cheaper’ branded power banks can cut power in instances of short circuit which could potentially cause harm to your customer’s smart phone. Causing harm to your customer’s smart phone or device will not be a very good promotion for your company.


    BMT provides you with a wide variety of options to choose for your branded power banks. This allows you to choose a colour that matches best with your company logo. Check out our online catalogue and pick branded power banks with the specifications and colour of your choice.

    Why BMT for Branded Power Banks?

    You have our undivided attention

    One aspect of the business that gives us immense pride is the fact that we provide all our customers with personalized customer service. If you choose BMT for your promotional branded power banks, then you can rest easy as we will be with you every step of the way during the process. This way we can understand your vision and what you need, which in turn helps us tailor our product to your exact specifications.

    BMT is your one stop shop for branded power banks

    If you are after branded power banks, then look no further than BMT. We offer a huge range to accommodate any specifications, colour and budget. You are welcome to choose from a plethora of options and select the one ideally suitable to you.

    Smooth time-saving process

    BMT ensures that we provide a smooth and hassle-free end to end service for our clients. From providing quotes, ordering, payment, delivery, artwork and general queries – we guarantee to make the entire process straight forward and efficient. You can rely on BMT to deliver your branded power banks on time, as you ordered them and at a price that you are happy with. We offer a flexible service, which means that we can also modify your current artwork, be it adding a website or phone number, or completely re-drawing your logo to a print ready format.