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Promotional bags are powerful marketing tools and a great way for businesses to promote their brand. Owing to the diverse nature of these types of promotional products, they can be used in a number of ways for various company events.

Promotional bags are a fun way to affix the brand and logo of the company in the minds of the prospective customers.

New businesses can use branded products such as promotional bags to establish themselves in the market, and existing businesses can use this method of advertising to acquire new leads and increase their overall sales and turnover.

BMT Promotions: Your One-Stop Destination for Promotional Bags

For any business, advertising is an essential activity. However, it can be difficult brainstorming effective advertising methods that will generate sales and potential leads for your business. In fact, businesses often spend thousands of pounds on advertising strategies that simply don’t work. Fortunately, there is particular effect advertising method that you can use to boost the exposure of your business. This method is sourcing promotional bags and giving them away to your customers.

Not only are promotional bags stylish and trendy, they can also increase the marketability of your brand. BMT Promotions specialise in producing fashionable promotional bags for your business, and we believe that our products will benefit your business’ advertising campaign. If you are in the market for promotional bags, look no further than BMT Promotions.

We Style Your Products According to Your Business

Our custom printed bags are designed specifically according to the needs of your business. When you work with us, we will design your promotional bags using your brand’s logo, pantone colours and tagline. We will work with you to ensure that your promotional bags attracts customers to your business.

Our Promotional Bags Carry Numerous Benefits

There are many reasons why your prospective customers will enjoy printed bags with your logo. Promotional bags are useful for carrying items such as shopping, stationary items in the workplace, even gym wear! They are used by millions of people all over the world. Our promotional bags serve as a long-term advertisement product. Everytime an individual leaves their home with your custom promotional bag, your brand will have unlimited exposure.

In any case, these three benefits present only a small portion of the advantages a promotional bag can bring to your business. By working with us, we will ensure that you receive a premium product that will give your brand the right boost.

Overall, promotional bags are a great way of increasing awareness. These items are tried and tested advertising techniques that thousands of business are using. Why don’t you improve your business with your own custom promotional bags today? Visit our products section for more information about the promotional bags our company offers, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services.

Promotional Bags: Helping You Achieve Your Goal

A wide variety of promotional products are available for you to choose from. Promotional bags are a flexible marketing tool that works for the retail sector, councils, charities, brands and branding companies, online businesses, waste authorities, and service industries.

Taking into consideration your business goals, and determining if you are looking for ways to magnify your sales earnings and increase gains, foster brand and customer loyalty, or to market or promote your business on a wider platform where it can have maximum exposure and reach; promotional bags by BMT Promotions can help you attain all these goals and much more.

Your Solution: BMT Promotional Bags

BMT Promotions offers your brand promotional bags as a great and cost-effective way to conduct your advertising campaign and to remind people of your presence in the market. BMT Promotions is your one-stop solution for all your promotional bags queries.

We have extensive resources at our fingertips both in the UK & abroad. We responsibly source and customise your promotional bags to suit your specific requirements and needs. We know our stuff, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get to get in touch with us.

Our expertise in understanding your business needs and providing solutions gives us an edge over others. We specialise in providing promotional bags as a great way of promoting businesses and helping brands establish a connection with their target audience.


We source our products from all over the globe and this means we can offer niche products that you may never even have thought of. Get your free quotation now.

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    The Benefits of Promotional Bags

    • Useful to carry things: Bags are an everyday essential. They are used regularly and BMT offers a wide variety of styles depending on the kind and type of bag that you wish to offer to your customers. For instance, if you offer tote bags for shopping in supermarkets, you can rest assured that they will be used on a daily basis!
    • Print Area: Our team of experts can work along-side you and help you to create a design for your promotional bags that reflects your brand. Whether you want your brands message and logo large and visible to attract the eye, or if you are after a subtler outline or layout- our designers will tailor the design to your exact specifications until you are pleased with the final plan of your promotional bags.
    • Reliable and sturdy: We provide high-quality promotional bags which are reliable and sturdy. BMT offers promotional bags in a wide range of different materials and styles for your brand’s specified needs, such as jute bags, cotton bags, rucksacks etc.
    • Great way to create hype around your brand: High quality promotional bags speak volumes for a brand’s image. They can enhance the overall perspective that the target audience has of the brand and they are a great way to change perception and attract attention. This is always an added bonus and it increases the hype that your brand is aiming to create, getting you the desired results and add to the experience of your target audience.
    • Economical and affordable: Worried that your promotional campaigns will burn a hole in your pocket? Promotional bags are very economical and affordable and if you are on a tight budget, BMT will cater to your preferences accordingly.
    • Size and Colours: At BMT you can always tweak and experiment with the size, colour and style of your promotional bags. There are bucket loads of design and print options to ensure you are left with something that you can be proud to put your brand’s name on.
    • Promotional bags for long-term advertising: Flyers and leaflets are good for short-term advertising gains, but they don’t usually retain the attention of your customers. Promotional bags, on the other hand, will make the user a walking advert for your brand every time they leave the house holding it!

    BMT: Promotional Bags

    Our promotional bags are available in a wide range offering a suitable solution for each and every one of our clients who are after promotional bags.

    We work alongside our clients to ensure that they end up with a finished product that they are completely happy with and feel promotes their message to all those who see it.

    From budget printed promotional bags to eco-friendly holders, we stock a wide range of products to suit the style of marketing campaign you wish to embark on.

    Why BMT Recommends Promoting Through Promotional Bags…

    We provide promotional bags for any event, and our vast experience gives us the opportunity to understand your business requirements flawlessly. We value your trust and you can be assured that you will be provided with high-quality promotional bags that you will be happy to represent your business.

    We pride ourselves on offering all our highly valued clients with excellent customer service and an array of promotional bags. Feel free to skim through our catalogue for a better understanding.

    One of the most common sights you will see whilst out shopping or just strolling down the street is a printed carrier bag which stands out. With a relatively small budget you can have a selection of promotional bags sporting your logo or your brand message for everyone to see.

    Envision how many glances your brand would attract in a small space of time when somebody carries branded promotional bags whilst wandering around a crowded shopping centre, high street or conference event.

    Why Do We Stock Promotional Bags?

    We want your brand to get the exposure that it deserves, we understand promotional products and business requirements from branded items, we stock promotional bags because we know how important they can be for your business.

    They are a fun way of advertising and will re-enforce brand recognition through printed company logos, vibrant colours and design.

    Our extensive knowledge in company promotion means we can tailor each product that you invest in to suit your businesses ethos.

    Our personalised natural cotton bag, promotional jute bag or any of our eco -friendly bags can identify your company with a green philosophy.

    The large print area on our promotional bags allows individuals to be creative with their advertising, and enhance the demographic their company appeals to.

    Variety in Promotional Bags by BMT

    BMT offers our customers a range of promotional bags to choose from:

    • Cotton Tote Bags
    • Drawstring Bags
    • Carrier Bags
    • Fold-away cooler Bags
    • Jute Shopping Bags
    • Multipurpose Shopper Bags
    • Scrunchy Shopping Bags
    • Zipper Laptop Bags
    • Exhibition Bags
    • Promotional Backpacks
    • Rucksacks

    Call our dedicated team for any further queries you have about promotional bags, we will be happy to assist you!