Attention Print Management Companies!

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Attention Print Management Companies! We want you! 

At BMT we believe powerful branding is key, providing of course your client wants to stand out from the crowd. 2007. That is when we started working with our first print management company and since then we have produced thousands of jobs from trolley key rings and polo shirts to branded power banks, pens, travel mugs and branded uV print.

We understand that you need innovative ideas to pitch to your clients. You must have superb service, letting your client down is not an option. Margin and profitability is vital. Like all businesses you have financial goals, and from our experience promotional products is great business, it helps to even out the print job you won at 3%, providing an opportunity for you to make another 12%.

In summary, we specialise in sourcing and providing branded products. We do this every day, have done for years. We do it really well, so well that print management companies love working with us, probably because of the attractive margins. What’s the point of this blog? We want to work with more print management companies. If you already provide your clients with promotional products there is a good chance we can provide the same product range, or more, and there is an even better chance we can do so at a better margin for you. If you do not provide your clients with promotional products, why not? Either way we should have a chat. Worst case scenario you lose the time we spend on the phone talking, best case scenario it could be the most profitable phone call you make this financial year.

01933 409489 is our number and Jack Thomas is my name.


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