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If you are a business owner who is looking to improve your brand visibility, you should consider the power of promotional products in Leicester for marketing your business. There are many different promotional items available that will enhance the prominence of your company against your competition, heightening brand memorability and recognition in workplaces, public places, and make your brand a household name. BMT Promotions’ promotional products in Leicester are a fantastic investment for your marketing strategy.

There are many different advantages that promotional products in Leicester will offer you:

There are a multitude of different promotional products in Leicester available from BMT Promotions

BMT Promotions offers a whole range of products to suit all budgets; varying from keyrings to hoodies, from pencils to umbrellas. You can choose your promotional products to reflect your business and aims, for example, we have an eco-friendly range of items for companies who want to be seen to go green. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity and design, our talented team of designers will create and establish personalised themes and branding.

You can even choose your promotional products based on what you think your customers are likely to use the most. For example, if you are handing out promotional products in Leicester at an outdoor event or festival, you may decide on umbrellas or even pre-charged power banks as your product of choice; whereas if you were promoting your company at a trade fair where people were filling out forms, you may choose to give promotional pens to your potential clients.

Promotional products in Leicester offer a diverse marketing platform

BMT Promotions create promotional products in Leicester which are varied and interesting, and more eye catching than the average business card which most companies go for. Whilst business cards are professional looking, popular and easy to hand out, they are more likely to be either thrown away instantly, or left in the pocket of a purse or wallet than taken out and looked at.

We highly doubt that this would happen with one of our functional promotional products in Leicester, because they are always likely to be being used.  Promotional products also keep the company’s marketing strategies varied, creating interest surrounding the company name, and can appeal to more types of people.

Promotional products in Leicester can improve a customer’s opinion of the company

Promotional products are seen as a generous, useful giveaway, which people enjoy receiving.  They instantly set a positive tone when introducing a company and can heighten a potential client’s opinion of a company, as they believe the company to be successful enough to distribute gifts to their potential clients.

People do not mind the brand name being placed on the item as they accept this as part of the exchange, particularly if the branding is attractive on a quality product, which is ensured at BMT Promotions.  When people use the promotional items, they become more familiar with the branding and are likely to give it a good recommendation.  When someone is seen using the product this acts as good review from a relatable person, a perfect opportunity for marketing.

Promotional products in Leicester are a long-term investment

Promotional items are often kept for a long period of time. Useful and robust items such as stationary, mugs, USB sticks and endless other promotional materials often linger in offices and around houses for a matter of weeks, even years. This kind of exposure heightens a company’s branding significantly; making logos and company names more memorable, therefore upping the popularity of the company.

Promotional products in Leicester reach more people for a lower cost

BMT Promotions sell items which are likely to be used for a long time and are likely to be passed on and used by many different people.  An example would be an item of stationary, a mug or a keyring which may be used by many different people in a workplace or in a home.

Other items such as clothing can be seen by masses of people, for example one person wearing a T-shirt in public could reach hundreds of people in a matter of hours.  Each time someone is seen using one of your company’s promotional items, it acts as a vote of confidence for your company by another person who they can relate to.

Promotional products in Leicester are perfect for small businesses

BMT Promotions’ promotional products in Leicester are ideal marketing solutions for smaller businesses. The cost of promotional products is much less than many other marketing strategies, and we have a range that can accommodate every budget. Giving out useful promotional items is also more of a personal approach, which would really appeal to those people who are likely to use small businesses. It is also easy to control your distribution of the products, ensuring that the expenditure is worthwhile.

Promotional products are also great for building on and creating new customer relationships, as the act of giving a promotional product is likely to start a conversation with a potential client.  Promotional items can also be used to reward existing customers, or attract new customers with a freebie at the start of a relationship with the business.

Promotional products in Leicester from BMT Promotions are a great all-round marketing investment to revitalise a company’s branding and reach out to a higher number of potential clients. Contact BMT Promotions today to organise your branding ideas and get creative.


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