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Outdoor Banner Ideas For Impressive Advertising

An outdoor display is designed to entice customers into your shop, encourage people to visit you in your office or come a try out a new product that has become available. Getting people to enter your building can be difficult, this is where outdoor displays come in.

Some of the top benefits to your business of outdoor displays include:

  • Increased brand awareness whenever someone sees your outdoor banner
  • Helps your business to stand out from the crowd
  • Offers visibility to your business brand
  • Outdoor displays attract the attention of passers-by
  • Banners help to increase footfall into your shop
  • They can be used to guide exhibition atendees to your stand
  • Large outdoor displays can provide shelter from weather
  • All outdoor displays can be tailored to suit your company brand

We have a variety of outdoor display equipment that can include your business name, message and vital information. With our versatile range of outdoor display kit we can ensure there is something to suit every business’s needs. There are several types of outdoor display banner ideas.

1. Sail feather flags
Feather flags are a great way of advertising your business on busy main roads, high streets and at exhibitions. The use of vibrant colours and snappy slogans tempt customers and make them pay attention to the product or service you are selling.

Our feather flags are printed either single-sided with mirror image on the reverse of the flag or, double-sided with a block out scrim to prevent the other image showing through.

Coming in sizes medium (2640mm), large (3940mm) and extra large (4940mm) these flags can be printed to your specification and are delivered with an easy to assemble kit.

2. Swing Sign
A swing sign is a heavy-duty outdoor sign that can contain your business branding and message. It’s ideal for retail promotions and pavement advertising. This product is a weather resistant double-sided snap frame sign suitable for A1 size posters. The swig sign comes with a wheeled compact moulded hollow base for water or sand weighting and can be flat packed for easy transportation to other destinations where you may be promoting your business.

3. Teardrop feather flag.
The teardrop feather flag can be printed on a single side with a mirror image on the back or, a double sided image. It also comes in varieties of colours, sizes and designs on which you can print your brand’s logo or any slogan to promote it on roadsides and leading up to events. The use of robust, strong aluminium frames means that the feather flags are able to endure inclement weather.

4. Branded deck chairs.
Our Traditional Hardwood Deckchairs are the same chairs you see on promenades and beaches all around the UK. They are manufactured to withstand the elements and heavy use, they look great at a garden party or on a terrace with your business brand or logo, via a digital print.

For further information on branded outdoor displays, please call 01933 409489 or email hello@bmtpromotions.co.uk.