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Fidget Spinners – The 90’s toy that’s made a 2017 comeback

Fidget Spinners

It’s halfway through 2017 and we’ve already seen a number of trends pop up over the course of the year. Internet memes, weird fashion trends like plastic jeans and now we’ve been reintroduced to a 90’s toy that’s made a comeback…Fidget Spinners. What is a Fidget Spinner? It’s a type of toy, who marketers claim […]

A business reaching a fork in the road

bmt promotions

Recently, at bmt Promotions, we reached a fork in the road. We’ve needed to make decisions regarding management and money, both subjects creating a whole host of questions. What choices should be made for “the best”, both professionally and personally? Substantial changes within small business can happen very quickly. A lot of these changes can […]

CMYK and Pantone Matching Systems


Colour in marketing is important. Colour is captivating and is crucial for showing people what your brand is all about. We sell several types of branded promotional products here at bmt Promotions from leaflets to lanyards, mugs to marker pens. We brand your items by printing using both CMYK (digital printing) and the Pantone Matching […]

10 Ways To Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly – Part 1


In business, we are all conscious of the legacy we want to leave behind. We want to be successful, trusted and remembered. More poignantly, numerous businesses today are striving to be more environmentally aware and create an eco-friendly business for the future. There are numerous ways to help make your business more environmentally friendly. Small […]

10 Ways To Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly – Part 2


Following on from part 1 of “10 ways to make your business more eco-friendly” here are five further ideas to help your business go green. Sourcing goods sustainably. If you’re not already, start purchasing any good and services in the most sustainable way possible. Examples of this include: For your packaging materials choose recycled ones […]