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The Importance of High-Visibility Clothing at Work


High Visibility clothing (Hi-Vis) is a type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worn in a working environment so a person is more visible. It’s a type of clothing that has reflective properties, or is made in a colour that is distinctly different from the background. Wearing high-visibility PPE enables people to be more aware of […]

Promotional Spring Wear For Warmer Days

Unisex Surf Windbreaker Jacket

Spring has sprung! The days are longer, the weather is getting warmer and we don’t need our thick coats anymore. We’re ready for spring here in the bmt Promotions office (actually, we’re ready for summer as we’ve already purchased a fan for the expected heatwave) and are already in our thinner promotional uniform and fleeces […]

Cotton or Polyester – Which Promotional Apparel Should You Choose?

promotional clothing

At bmt Promotions we have a wide range of promotional clothing for charity runs and sports occasions, for work uniform and to wear to promote your brand at exhibitions. Depending on what you need the clothing for will depend on which material you will need your clothing item to be made from. The two main […]

Warm up with Winter Promotional Items


As the bitter winter weather hits the UK, long sleeved jumpers and thick coats come out for everyone to wear. This is a great time to change up your company’s uniform and offer up some branded outerwear so that your companies name is seen even on those ice cold days. Heavyweight Jackets Our heavyweight jackets […]