Zooming Into Christmas With Running Mate

Succulent turkey, homemade gravy, a few extra spuds and some Christmas pudding. Oh, and not forgetting plentiful chocolate oranges! This is the delicious food the bmt Promotions crew will sure to be filling our faces with this Christmas and, we will be relishing in it. The last thing we want to do is pile on too many pounds though, and this is where our wonderful customer Running Mate comes in. Susan from Running Mate believes that absolutely anyone can run, and can enjoy it and, what better way to burn off those mince pies than a jog in the fresh air.

Here are Running Mates replies to the bmt Promotions Q&A on business and Christmas:

How has 2017 been positive for you in business?
More and more runners coming to join us, and our first ever marathon finishers. And the sense of friendship and fun in all our groups, it’s more than just about running for us, we’re a Running Mate family.

What difficulties have you faced in business in 2017?christmas
Never enough hours in the day!

What are your hopes for your company in 2018?
That people keep enjoying what we do, keep running, keep surprising themselves with what they’re capable of.

How will you be spending your time over the Christmas break?
With family, and hopefully some of it with my feet up!

Which Christmas tune makes you turn your volume dial up?
Wham – Last Christmas

What’s on your Christmas wish-list this year?
For my children to learn what a lie in is! Also, there’s no such thing as too many trainers…

Do you have a favorite festive film? If so, which one?
Santa Claus the movie

What’s the worst Christmas present you have received?
I’m sure there must have been one, but I honestly can’t remember!

What is your favourite Christmas tipple?
Has to be prosecco!

From all at bmt Promotions, Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year to you!

A Christmas Q&A with Coo-Var


It’s busy in the bmt Promotions office at this festive time of year but, with just over two weeks to go until Christmas Day all of us here are well and truly in the celebratory spirit! Last week’s Christmas question and answer session with our Director, Jack went down a storm, so we thought we’d get our customers involved in some of the yuletide fun too.

Here’s Danielle from Coo-Var, the paint and coating specialists with her answers to our Christmas questionnaire:


Q. How has 2017 been positive for you in business?

Well, we are all still here, so I guess that’s a positive!

Q. What difficulties have you faced in business in 2017?

In our department, it was a real struggle to assign someone to tea maker… but I did the right thing and stepped up to the job. It was a difficult decision but the best all round as I clean the cups thoroughly and now found a new hidden talent which I never knew I had.

Q. What are your hopes for your company in 2018?

That we continue to be a happy working family!

Q. How will you be spending your time over the Christmas break?

Putting on weight and enjoying family time.

Q. Which Christmas tune makes you turn your volume dial up?

All of them!

Q. What’s on your Christmas wish-list this year?

Ooooooh…. I’d love a new hoover!

Q. Do you have a favourite festive film? Yes

If so, which one? ELF!!

Q. What’s the worst Christmas present you have received?

Cooking utensils from the boyfriend on Christmas. Nothing says I love you like some large spoons.

Q. What is your favourite Christmas tipple?

Anything alcoholic!

Thank you, Danielle. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We hope your stocking is filled with lovely treats and not spoon this year!


A Christmas Q&A with bmt Promotions Director

It’s December and it’s time to get a little festive in the office! We’ve opened day 1 of the advent calendar, put up a Christmas tree, and we have yuletide tunes blasting from the radio. I’ve nabbed our busy Director at BMT Promotions, Jack Thomas to talk about business in 2017 and all things Christmas.


How has 2017 been positive for you in business?

Most significantly, we brought our search marketing operation in house & took on a dedicated employee to oversee our digital marketing activities. We are receiving lots of new business across a wide range of sectors, and our year on year turnover has increased by 34% which is very encouraging heading into 2018.

What difficulties have you faced in business in 2017?

Other than the odd computer/server problem, one occasion resulted in me not leaving the office until 3:30am – and we were leaving for the airport for our summer holiday at 6:00am! Aside from these minor difficulties, we were approached with an acquisition proposal earlier in the year which was a big crossroad in both personal & business life. Ultimately, the deal was not right for us and we continue on our path of internal growth.

What are your hopes for your company in 2018?

Our new website will be launched in January, which we are really excited about. We are looking forward to working with our existing customers, and continue to add to our customer base through 2018 & beyond.

How will you be spending your time over the Christmas break?

With my wife, son & dog in a cottage in Yorkshire. Plenty of walks & quality family time. Time to relax, reflect & re-charge ready for 2018.

Which Christmas tune makes you turn your volume dial up?

Step into Christmas – Elton John

What’s on your Christmas wish-list this year?

Terrys Chocolate Orange!

Do you have a favourite festive film? If so, which one?

Home Alone

What’s the worst Christmas present you have received?

Whisky flavoured Fudge

What is your favourite Christmas tipple?

Kraken Spiced Rum

Preparing Your Business Goals For 2018

In the run up to the festive season in business, there always seem to be a lot to do. Deadlines to hit, orders to fulfil in time for many companies having their Christmas break, the 2017 goals still to achieve and goals for 2018 to set.

At bmt Promotions we are looking forward to some business changes within the next year and have started planning our New Year goals. Here are a few ways on how to get ready for 2018:

Set descriptive business goals.

Write down your business goals on a piece of paper or white board at work and try to visualize them. Your goal could be to make a certain amount of profit within 12 months. Think of that money and what could be done with it. You could invest the money back into the business or buy yourself something if you achieve the goal. Visualizing your goal will give you the motivation to achieve it.

Design a plan and act on it.

To achieve any business goal, you will first need toplan on how you are going to accomplish it. If you want to make a certain amount of profit within 12 months, you will need to come up with a list of steps on how you are going to get to this goal.

Set realistic, time-based goals.

Not all business goals have to be about the big picture at the end – That can seem a daunting task to achieve! Break up your goals into smaller ones to accomplish each week or month, that way, the end goal doesn’t seem so far away, and you feel like you are progressing on a regular basis.

Track,Analyse and Amend

To succeed in achieving your goals your will need to track and analyse your plan on a regular basis to ensure that you are on the road to success. Set yourself up with a spreadsheet to keep up to date with all your key figures so you know how well you are progressing in attaining your goal and if the plans not working, re-think and amend!

Website: bmtpromotions

Email: hello@bmtpromotions.co.uk

Telephone: 01933 409489

The Christmas Party Countdown is On!


The Christmas Party countdown is on!

It’s less than 6 weeks until Christmas so hopefully your Christmas party planning is in full swing and,it’s only the final small details to be tweaked over these next few weeks. If you haven’t organised your annual Christmas get-together, here are a few ideas on how to arrange the perfect company Christmas party.

Keep it out of the office

One of the main rules of holding a successful company Christmas party is that you don’t have the party at the office. If your colleagues are drinking a little wine or nibbling on a canapé at their place of work then they are less inclined to have fun and switch off from the day-to-day and, will inevitably end up discussing work.You can however, have a little bit of work at your Christmas party in the form of a branded Christmas gift. Why not a promotional mug or branded pen set to say thank you to your esteemed colleagues for all of their hard work?

Go for a festive lunch

Christmas parties tend to be evening affairs with lots of alcohol consumption and some dodgy dancing from someone in the accounts team. Sounds like fun but, if you want a smaller, more civilized affair, why not head out for a lunch with your colleagues and lap up the turkey with all the trimmings and be back in the office in the afternoon?

Change your setting every year.

Whatever you typically do, change it each year. You can get more and more inventive with each party. You could host a bowling party, a disco, afternoon tea or a wine tasting event with lots of nibbles all around the theme of Christmas.Top off your party with a branded gift bag of goodies for each employee.

Invite the family

Christmas parties are always more enjoyable when the family are invited along too. It means no-one is left out and your colleagues are more likely to come if they can bring a Wife, Father or Sister to accompany them. It’s also a great way for your fellow workers to meet some of your family and get to know you a little better.

Add some yuletide games

Games are a great way to break the ice at a Christmas party. You could play ‘decorate the christmas tree’ and whoever’s is best wins a prize or, you could giveaway some branded games as a gift to your colleagues for working so hard all year round. Take a look at bmt Promotions branded Chocolate games for gifts for your employees this festive season.

Whatever you decide to do this year, or next, add a little promotional gift for your colleagues as a thank you for all theirefforts. Head to bmt Promotions website for a peek at the products we can add your branding too.

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Why Your Customers Need One of Our Corporate Calendars


Corporate Calendars

Branded calendars from bmt Promotions are a great corporate gift to distribute to your customers. Here’s why:

  1. A calendar is in a customer’s office or warehouse all year round, so your brand is visible to them throughout the year. The more a customer sees your branding the more likely they are to use your company again for the products or services you provide.

  2. Not only will your customers see your branding, their customers and visitors will potentially see it as well. This is fantastic extra exposure for your brand!

  3. With bmt Promotions range of calendars you can add as many of your own images as you wish. This enables you to advertise your brand and give your customers a further insight into what your company does.

  4. There are several types of calendar to choose from – desk calendars, wall planner calendars, box calendars to name just a few. You choose what you think is correct for your customers and best to get your brand visible.

  5. There’s an option for every budget whether you wish to go for asmall promotional desk calendar or, a large wall memo calendar with heavy branding and lots of pictures. There are no limits!

  6. Bmt Promotions branded calendars can be printed in black and white or full colour digital print, your choice!

  7. The minimum order quantity for promotional calendars from us is 50, much lower than our competitors.

  8. Bmt Promotions have a fast turnaround on our corporate calendars so, they can be delivered and given out to your customers as great gifts in time for Christmas!

  9. We offer competitive pricing on all our calendars and, delivery is free! What more information do you need?

  10. To get ordering your corporate branded calendars, head to the bmt Promotions website, call us on 01933 409489 or email hello@bmtpromotions.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

It’s Scary Running Your Own Business!


There are no ghouls, demons or ghosts in the bmt Promotions office but, there is always something bubbling, like a witch’s cauldron. As much as we love it, running your own business can also be slightly scary for us, here are a few reasons why:There are no ghouls, demons or ghosts in the bmt Promotions office but, there is always something bubbling, like a witch’s cauldron. As much as we love it, running your own business can also be slightly scary for us, here are a few reasons why:


All the decisions that are made regarding the products we sell and market, how we advertise and communicate with people, where we choose our office to be and how many hours we work each day, as the owners, are totally up to us. We are accountable for everything that happens, good and bad, that can be daunting yet very exciting and rewarding.

Fear of the unknown

The promotional products industry is vast and ever-changing. Bmt Promotions need to be able to keep up with the changes and develop innovative ideas to improve our business continuously. We have many ideas floating about and it can be problematic to know which ones to pursue and which we think will work for our business. Uncertainty can creep in and here at bmt Promotions we can deliberate if our ideas are good enough but, the motivation to succeed overrides this. Brainstorming sessions seem to work wonders when we’re having any creative issues.

Increased competition

It is very simple to set up a business these days. There is no requirement for an office or warehouse immediately, all that’s needed is a domain name and you’re away! There are many promotional product companies out there doing an excellent job. The competition is huge and maintaining a presence in this industry is a challenge, but one that we thrive on and one that we will continue to work hard at upholding. We love overseeing our family run business and wouldn’t change a thing.

“Fear is nothing more than an obstacle that stands in the way of progress. In overcoming our fears, we can move forward stronger and wiser within ourselves.”

For all your business promotional products requirements please get in touch!

Email: hello@bmtpromotions.co.uk                    Telephone: 01933 409489
         Website: bmtPromotions.co.uk

Charity Merchandise – Why It Works


If you see many people out and about today wearing shades of cerise, crimson and rose, there is a brilliant reason. Today is ‘Wear it Pink’ day, raising awareness about Breast Cancer by the charity Breast Cancer Now. The aim to is increase awareness of the disease, raise some money and help fund life-saving research in the hope that by 2050, anyone diagnosed with breast cancer will survive. A very strong statement.

The idea that everyone wears something pink is very powerful. If you see countless people wearing the same colour walking around your town, you’ll undoubtedly question why. You may potentially research  this online and details of the awareness day will appear. Awareness is raised and the charity have done their job very well!

Charities have a challenging time raising money as there are so many around the world all looking to acquire the same thing, awareness and money for their cause. To entice people to part with their hard-earned money charities need to come up with ideas to grab the public’s attention. Days like ‘Wear It Pink’ and selling merchandise are two of the ways to do this.

How Charity Merchandise Works?

Charities do not have bags of money, so fundraising events are a key to their success in bringing in some revenue. At these events huge varieties of merchandise can be sold and when purchased, cash is raised for important research that needs to be carried out in the specific field.

If you see people wearing a charity badge with their emblem or, wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with a charity logo awareness is being raised of the specific charity and the work that they carry out. The more awareness that is raised the potential for it encouraging new donors is much higher!

Bmt Promotions has worked with many charities helping to inspire best ideas for merchandise to get the outcome the charity needs.

Merchandise ideas

  • Teddies
  • Keyrings
  • Trolley Coins
  • Pin Badges
  • Mugs
  • Pens
  • Umbrellas

If you require assistance with some merchandise ideas for your charity, bmt Promotions can help.

Please visit our website to see our products and much more.

Telephone: 01933 409489  Email: hello@bmtpromotions.co.uk



The C Word

Its mid-October and the leaves are well and truly falling from the trees, it’s getting noticeably colder and darker and it’s time to start thinking about The C Word. No, I’m not swearing at you, I’m talking about Christmas!

Christmas is only 9 weeks away and now is the time to start thinking about rewarding your employees or treating your customers to a little gift to say “Thank You”.

If you’re going to give out a gift, why not give out a promotional item? A branded gift works well for you in two ways:

  1. The customer or employee receives a thoughtful product from yourselves therefore they are more likely to remember you positively, this is always good in business.
  2. A promotional gift emblazoned with your company name is extra exposure for yourselves and gets your brand seen.

Ok, so now you’re sold on the idea of gifting your customers and employees with a branded product, below are some ideas of items that bmt Promotions can provide for you!

Branded Advent Calendars

A pre- Christmas gift with your bespoke design and branding, filled with 24 little chocolates, branded advent calendars. You must hurry though as orders need to be in by early November for delivery before December!

Branded Power Banks UK

Branded 2018 Calendars

Potential customers will be able to see your brand all year round with a bespoke branded calendar. There are many designs and sizes depending on your budget just head to our website for a peek!

Premium Promotional Calendars

Promotional Keyrings, Pens and Mugs

Promotional keyrings, pens and mugs are great budget buys and giveaways for employees and customers alike. Why not order some of each item and we can create a gift bundle for you to distribute to your recipients?

Promotional Mugs UKBranded Gift Bags

A present in a promotional bag adorned with your logo is a fantastic way to wrap the gift up and show the customers or employees exactly where the gift has come from.

Image result for branded gift bags

If you require any assistance with your promotional Christmas gift ideas please do not hesitate to contact us here at bmt Promotions, we’re happy to help!

Phone: 01933 409489      

Email: hello@bmtpromotions.co.uk

Website: bmtPromotions

Promotional Products Week 2017

October 2nd – 6th 2017 is Promotional Products week. Here at bmt Promotions we have an offer for this week only! If you place any order with us between the 2nd Oct – 6th Oct 2017 we will give your business 10 free branded mugs with your company logo on!


Here is what Promotional Products can mean for your business:


  • They can generate leads.

    Promotional products are smart as they can lead customers, old, current and new, to get into contact with you. In a recent survey 82% of businesses reported that they had purchased products or services from a company that had given them a promotional gift. This proves that gifting to potential and loyal customers really is worthwhile.


  •  Instant brand recognition.

    Brand recognition is the extent to which a consumer can correctly identify a product or service, just by viewing the product or service’s logo, packaging or advertising campaign. If you gift promotional items to your customers it can help them to recognize your business and the products you make or services you sell if your logo is spotted elsewhere.


  • More exposure.

    When you see an advert in a newspaper or, on a billboard the amount of time you are exposed to the advert is brief. With promotional products such as office based products or branded uniform, potential customers are exposed to your brand for much longer periods of time and as a result, are more likely to purchase your goods or services.


  • It’s an alternative to a business card.

    Business cards will always be an invaluable tool to promote your business but, adding promotional products such as a quirky branded keyring, pen, USB key or ice scraper, alongside your business card, is a quirky way to help people remember your brand.


  •  Cost effective marketing.

    Promotional products do not have to mean a huge outlay for your company. Branded pens, usb keys, keyrings and mugs are a small cost to your business and they are products that will sit on a potential customer’s desk all year round meaning your brand is always in sight. A small cost for a potentially substantial impact on your business.

Five valid points to get you looking into your promotional products needs and bmt Promotions are ready to help you.

Have a look on bmt Promotions website (www.bmtpromotions.co.uk) for a peek at the products we can brand for you and remember, any order placed between 2nd– October and 6th October 2017 with us, you will receive 10 FREE branded mugs with you company logo!  Alternatively, give us a call on 01933 409489 or email hello@bmtpromotions.co.uk with your requirements.


A business reaching a fork in the road

Recently, at bmt Promotions, we reached a fork in the road. We’ve needed to make decisions regarding management and money, both subjects creating a whole host of questions. What choices should be made for “the best”, both professionally and personally?

Substantial changes within small business can happen very quickly. A lot of these changes can benefit your company but, making small adjustments within your business can be just as effective.

Here at bmt Promotions, we’ve had some exciting opportunities come our way but, they haven’t been right for our current situation so we’ve made some highly positive in house changes!

What does this mean for bmt Promotions:
– Staying in control. We are staying an inhouse, family run, business. We pride ourselves on this and the great service we provide our customers and will always strive to do so.

Will our business changes affect our customers?
– No and Yes! bmt Promotions specialise in providing company branded items, this isn’t changing but we now have more staff joining us so, more productivity leading to even better service for you.

We have a huge range of promotional products on offer on our website www.bmtpromotions.co.uk and many more besides. If you want it, we can brand it! Any object can be a promotional product for your business!

Here at bmt Promotions we source our products from all over the globe and this means we can offer niche products that you may never even have thought of.

We are sure that there will be many more forks in the road for bmt Promotions in the future, as all businesses experience at some point, but for now, we are on a straight road. We are ready to tackle any challenges ahead and provide the best service for our customers needing branded merchandise!

For a quote on your promotional products needs visit www.bmtpromotions.co.uk.

Alternatively email hello@bmtpromotions.co.uk or call 01933 409489




Attention Print Management Companies!



Attention Print Management Companies! We want you! 

At BMT we believe powerful branding is key, providing of course your client wants to stand out from the crowd. 2007. That is when we started working with our first print management company and since then we have produced thousands of jobs from trolley key rings and polo shirts to branded power banks, pens, travel mugs and branded uV print.

We understand that you need innovative ideas to pitch to your clients. You must have superb service, letting your client down is not an option. Margin and profitability is vital. Like all businesses you have financial goals, and from our experience promotional products is great business, it helps to even out the print job you won at 3%, providing an opportunity for you to make another 12%.

In summary, we specialise in sourcing and providing branded products. We do this every day, have done for years. We do it really well, so well that print management companies love working with us, probably because of the attractive margins. What’s the point of this blog? We want to work with more print management companies. If you already provide your clients with promotional products there is a good chance we can provide the same product range, or more, and there is an even better chance we can do so at a better margin for you. If you do not provide your clients with promotional products, why not? Either way we should have a chat. Worst case scenario you lose the time we spend on the phone talking, best case scenario it could be the most profitable phone call you make this financial year.

01933 409489 is our number and Jack Thomas is my name.



Fidget Spinners – The 90’s toy that’s made a 2017 comeback


DSC_0409 2

It’s halfway through 2017 and we’ve already seen a number of trends pop up over the course of the year. Internet memes, weird fashion trends like plastic jeans and now we’ve been reintroduced to a 90’s toy that’s made a comeback…Fidget Spinners.

What is a Fidget Spinner? It’s a type of toy, who marketers claim relieves stress. It’s a toy that consists of a bearing in the centre of a design made from a variety of different materials including brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper and plastic. The Fidget Spinner was originally designed for people who have trouble with focussing or fidgeting (such as those with ADHD, autism or anxiety) by acting as a release mechanism for nervous energy or psychological stress.

Fidget Spinners were originally invented in the 1990’s, but suddenly saw a huge rise in popularity in 2017 after James Plafke of Forbes published an article on December 23rd 2016 describing fidget spinners as the “must-have office toy for 2017”.

Following on from this, in March 2017, users on social media websites such as YouTube and Reddit began uploading videos reviewing and performing tricks with fidget spinners. Now it’s hard to remember the last time we scrolled through our Facebook timeline without seeing a video on fidget spinners, or even dogs with fidget spinners on their heads!

Putting aside the entertaining value of dog’s having fidget spinners spun on their heads, there are a ton of health benefits that fidget spinners offer. The main purpose of a fidget spinner is to relieve stress, especially for those with mental health issues, ADHD, autism, or for those who need constant stimulation.

From the rise in popularity and the reports of the fidget spinners mental health benefits, the fidget spinner is back whether you love them or loathe them.

At BMT, we couldn’t resist jumping on this trend and we now offer fidget spinners for those looking for customised fidget spinners. You can choose a custom design to place on your fidget spinner  for pleasure, to relieve stress or to spin on top of your dog’s head!

As the must-have office toy for 2017, it’s the perfect way to get your brand across through a fun, interactive toy and your clients will thank you for giving them something to entertain themselves during the day.

If you would like to enquire about Fidget Spinners and would like yours branded with us, you can get a free quote on our website, or alternatively you can call 01903 409489.

Why Choose BMT for your promotional branding




Here at BMT, we have an experienced team of professionals who work extremely hard to fulfill the needs of both existing and new customers, in a friendly manner. We want to help you promote the thing that you do best… your business! On products that you use everyday, or even products that you haven’t even thought of yet that will engage your clients and give you the brand awareness and recognition you deserve.

But why should you choose BMT to help you achieve this? What makes us different? We’ve highlighted our 6 key points on why BMT should get your promotional products branded by us:

Planning and Strategy

The early stages of any project are the most important. Planning the strategy sets up every stage of the project and drives success. We will work with you to ensure we cover every fine detail so you’re 100% satisfied.

Design and Develop

We have an experienced team of successful designers who are here to create your vision and provide support right up the completion of the project. We can customise your products in a range of styles, colours and can help get the right message across to your clients.

Deliver Results

Our philosophy is simple; the right product, the right price, the right time. You’ll guarantee to get results!

Quality and Support

Our team is comprised of professionals with varying experience and this is how we get big wins for our customers.

100% Commitment

We measure our success on our customer’s satisfaction; we don’t believe in half measures. Choosing BMT means choosing a company with over 25 years’ experience that gives 110% on every project.

Great Choice

We cast our net far and wide when we source our products. With a supply base that spans the world over we can offer products that you may never have even thought of.

Want to find out more? You can get a free quote from us today! Or you can ring us on 01933 409489.

Every Daffodil Counts: Marie Curie




March is here and it’s the month of the Daffodil. Therefore, we are proud to be working with Marie Curie, the national charity that specialises in giving care and support for people living with any terminal illness. We have recently supplied them with a large quantity of Marie Curie pens, which will be supplied to their network of over 500 fundraising support groups across the UK. These volunteers will use them on an ongoing basis as giveaways to their local supporters and donors.

Promotional Pens are the gift that keeps on giving because they are not only useful and reliable, but these specific ones will have the Marie Curie brand on so more people can become aware of what amazing work the charity does for people, giving them the brand recognition they deserve.

Marie Curie have been providing vital care and support for people living with terminal illnesses and their families for over 65 years and in 2016 alone, they cared for over 40,000 people across the UK. For every £1 Marie Curie raises, these go towards helping people living with terminal illnesses and their families by giving them the support they need the most. Without their supporters, they wouldn’t be able to provide vital care and support to the people who need them at an extremely difficult time.

Jack Thomas, Managing Director of BMT commented:

“I am delighted to be working with such a prestigious organisation as Marie Curie. They have over 2,000 nurses and 9,400 regular volunteers. We are producing a large volume of promotional pens for them, and in the past have produced other promotional items such as t-shirts, cotton shopper bags and umbrellas. These types of promotional items are great for brand awareness which is key to sustaining the support & care they give to over 31,000 people every year”.

So what can you do raise awareness and support Marie Curie?

Support the Great Daffodil Appeal – By supporting the Great Daffodil Appeal, you will be helping nurses across the UK to care for people living with a terminal illness. Whether you donate online, in your local charity shop or simply popping money into a Marie Curie pot to purchase a daffodil to wear; anything makes a huge impact.

Organise an event – Do something within your local community to raise awareness and money for Marie Curie. You can be as creative as you want; organise a bike ride, an event, take part in a run or you can find what’s going on in your local area on their website.

Donate to Charity Shops – For all the bargain hunters who love to shop, you can visit a local Marie Curie charity shop and anything you spend within the shop is donated to the great services they provide to people who need it most. If you’re thinking of having a spring clean, then why not drop off anything you no longer need into your local charity shop? By donating a few pre-loved items, you can help fund crucial nursing care.

Volunteering – Become a volunteer for Marie Curie where you can join thousands of people who donate their time, skills and enthusiasm to support people living with terminal illnesses and their families. Without volunteers, Marie Curie would not be able to deliver the range of services and support that they do.

To find out more about Marie Curie and the amazing work the charity does, visit their website www.mariecurie.org.uk.

Or if you’re looking to gain some brand awareness, whether you’re a business or charity big or small, contact us today and see what we can do for you: 01933 409489.

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day at BMT


branded hats


Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Every year on March 17th, the Irish, Irish at heart and people from across the globe celebrate St Patrick’s Day. What started as a religious feast day has now grown and become an international festival of celebration of Irish culture with parades, lots of food, dancing, lots of green and LOTS of Irish beer! Some people only know St Patrick’s Day for being a day where the Irish all go out and drink loads of Guinness. But believe it or not, St Patrick’s Day (or the Feast of St Patrick) is still celebrated as a religious event, as well as a cultural one.

Did you know that St Patrick was a 5th century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland? According to Declaration, at the age of sixteen, he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and taken as a slave to Gaelic Ireland where he spent six years working there as a shepherd and during his time there he is known to have “found God”. The Declaration says that God told Patrick to flee to the coast, where a ship would be waiting for him to take him home. After making his way home, Patrick became a priest.

Tradition holds that he eventually died on March 17th and following many centuries, many legends grew up around St Patrick and he became one of Ireland’s foremost saint.

Over the years, St Patrick’s celebrations have become worldwide traditions amongst Irish people or just Irish lovers. Celebrations normally include public parades and festivals, traditional Irish music sessions and the wearing of green. More recently, famous landmarks have turned green on St Patrick’s Day to celebrate and Christians attend church services.

So why green? Why do the Irish wear green on St Patrick’s Day? It is customary to wear shamrocks on St Patrick’s Day and/or green clothing and accessories, which is also known as “the wearing of the green”. The colour green has been associated with Ireland since the 1640’s, when the green harp flag was used by the Irish Catholic Confederation. Green ribbons and shamrocks have been worn on St Patrick’s Day since at least the 1680’s, therefore the colour green has been associated with Ireland since.

When it comes to promotional branding, we love adding something different to products that people have never thought of before. Whether you’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day or not, you can get the luck of the Irish by adding the colour green to your promotional products. We’ve previously done branded St Patrick’s Day hats, glasses and even beer bottle holders for the special event. AT BMT, we love a good celebration!

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Out with the old, in with the new!




Read all about it! It has been announced that we’ll soon be saying goodbye to our old pound coin that we’ve been so familiar with since it was first introduced in 1983 and saying hello to a brand new 12-sided pound coin. And it’s going to be introduced to us sooner rather than later as it’s expected to come into circulation on March 28th and with further key dates scheduled, we won’t have much longer to spend our round pound coin.

From March 28th, the new pound coin will be released to the public to use alongside the old pound coin, then from October 15th, you will no longer be able to use the old pound coin and shops will be under no obligation to accept them. But don’t worry… after October 15th there will still be a limited period where you can deposit your old pound coins to the Post Office and bank accounts. Therefore, from October 15th you will legally only be able to use the new pound coin.

So what’s so different about the new pound coin? It was originally designed in a bid to tackle counterfeit with it’s 12-side design and it’s high security feature that’s built in to prevent counterfeiting. The new pound coin will also be lighter at 8.75g, thinner at 2.8mm thick and slightly larger than the old pound coin measuring 23.43mm in diameter. The new pound coin will also be made out of two metals: nickel-brass and nickel-plated alloy to give the pound coin a fresh new look.

So why does this news affect you? If you’re looking to increase your brand awareness, now is the time to invest in a promotional trolley keyring! BMT are now offering customers promotional trolley keyrings for people who regularly do their weekly shopping and require a trolley, but they don’t want to fuss around with which pound coin to use. A trolley keyring is perfect for when you’re on the go with your car keys, instead of having to search in your purse for a pound coin, plus it’s a great free gift to give to your clients so it gives your company some brand recognition. Useful and promotional!

If you need to get yourself a trolley keyring for you or your clients, speak to BMT today on 01933 409489 or visit their website at www.bmtpromotions.co.uk

Being Eco-Friendly and Promotional




Being Eco-Friendly or Environmentally Friendly is becoming more and more important. In today’s society, everyone tries to do their bit for the environment whether it’s ensuring you separate your recycling to your rubbish, conserving electrical and water usage or limiting the use of harmful materials. Did you know that eco-friendly products could do wonders for your company and could convey a great message towards your clients? We discuss why:

Promotional products are a great way in marketing your company name. Here at BMT, we are proud to provide eco-friendly promotional products as we know how important it is to do our bit for the environment. Not many customers know that we provide these types of products, therefore if you’re an environmentally conscious company, we want to tell you why you should look into eco-friendly options to promote your business.

So what can being environmentally friendly do to promote your business more? By buying eco-friendly promotional products and practising eco-friendly methods, you can stand out from your competitors. Now there’s an increasing growth in raising awareness regarding saving our environment, more and more businesses want to be associated with eco-friendly companies. Therefore, through eco-friendly promotion, you will attract new customers and it will increase your brand image.

And how do you choose an eco-friendly product wisely? The key to choosing the right product is ensuring it’s not going to be something that get’s shoved in a cupboard. If you have a bunch of pens lying around and you have nowhere to put them, why not be wise about your promotional products and invest in a wheelie bin pen pot that is manufactured from recycled plastic? Or maybe you need a place for your promotional mug, therefore a recycled tyre coaster could be for you.

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