Promotional Stress Shapes

Keep stress away with our Promotional Stress Shapes

Stress can have a devastating effect on the body and mind. Erratic work schedules and complicated personal lives are resulting in people suffering. Folk are looking for feasible options to get rid of this stress.

If you are looking for a perfect corporate gift or giveaway for your clients then you need to check out the many stress shapes that we have to offer. We make sure that our diverse stress shapes are manufactured using the best quality raw materials including the highest quality PV foam rubber. Here are some options that we have to offer:

Promotional Stress Balls:

Want an effective way to keep stress under control and blood circulation normal? Our stress balls are made from top-quality material and are found to give effective results. What is more, you can get your Custom Stress Balls from us. Depending on the client requirement we can manufacture foam balls in different sizes and vibrant colours. Just get your company logo printed on the balls and the perfect giveaway is ready. These are not just useful in corporate promotions but they can also be used by people within the physical therapy business.

Who said that stress balls always have to be in the shape of a ball? Confused? We can explain. If you get in touch with us for your stress ball requirements then we can produce, before your eyes, an array of different enthralling shapes that can be used as a stress eliminator. Here are a few options:

Stress Armchair:

We have colourful chairs which fit in your hand and helps you get rid of stress. That is not all either! You can also keep the most important gadget in your life on this chair. Yes, you can use this armchair as a mobile phone holder. If you are into the business of cell phones then this is the perfect promotional item that you can give your clients.

Stress Bee:

Busy bees are definitely going to be under stress. Give away these wonderful stress bee shapes to your associates who are always busy promoting your business. Let them know you care. Customise the bee with your company logo.

Stress Boxing Gloves:

Tell your clients to hit away stress with customised boxing gloves stress shapes. This is the perfect memento that you can give at a sporting event or at a sports centre. If you are organising an event that will have sports activities including boxing then connect with us to get this amazing item which your target audiences will surely love.

Stress Champagne Bottle:

Are you looking out for giveaway ideas for the upcoming festival season? Then how about a bottle of champagne stress shape? Cool isn’t it? Now if this bottle lets your clients get rid of all the tension and pressures of their professional and personal life then even better. So gift your customers with this unique green coloured stress reliever this over the festival season.

Stress Cloud Phone Holder:

Let the stress of the customers vanish in the clouds with this lovely cloud stress reliever. Your clients can also use it to keep their mobile phones.

Promotional stress balls are a practical promotional product, with a purpose – relieving tension and stress if you are at home or in the work place.

Many organisations use stress balls for their advertising campaigns. It can be used to giveaways at an exhibition, to new or old customers, or even staff members.

We are living in stressful time thanks to our sedentary lifestyle and crazy work culture. Our stress balls are not only effective for keeping your stress under control, they are also equally effective for improving blood circulation and helping you to stay fit. You can also use our stress balls during physical therapy sessions.

Our stress shapes products are made from high quality PU foam rubber, and come in a range of sizes, unique shapes & colours. We can also create bespoke shapes unique to your brand and colours, subject to a minimum order quantity.

Get in touch with our team today to find out what a stress ball will look like with your logo on!


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    We are considered as one of the leading manufacturers of promotional products like stress shapes. The best thing about our company is that we give the option of different unique shapes and customised solutions. You can choose from different stress shapes and with several of our products, we give you the option to choose different colours. We can also print your company name and/or logo on these stress shapes.

    Your bespoke stress shape orders can be ordered in bulk but, there may be a minimum order quantity for some of the stress shapes. We use the best quality biodegradable material to manufacture our stress shapes and we can also provide a recyclable gift box for the promotional items.