Wonderful Winter Promotional Products To Gift To Your Customers

Crisp white snow has fallen over the majority of the UK over the last few days. Lots of people have been out and about with family and friends making snowmen, throwing snowballs and sweeping roads and paths so folk can still get to work and school. Lots of fun activity has been had!

Snowfall and frost create the perfect opportunity to get your brand displayed on some winter themed products.

Branded Winter Wear

Keep your employees and customers warm this winter with branded hats, gloves and scarves. Your logo could be seen while a neighbour is shovelling snow, or on a snowy dog walk and it may inspire a conversation about your company. Promotional products are such a unique way of advertising and could drum up some leads for your business.


Promotional Hi – Visibility Wear

Hi-Visibility vests and gloves are a great winter giveaway for your customers, you never know when you may be unlucky enough to break down and be stranded by the side of the road! A hi-vis vest and glove set isn’t always a top priority for some people to buy so, provide a branded gift, it will be really appreciated!


Bespoke Car Accessories

Add-ons for cars are a fantastic promotional item to giveaway to your customers during the UK winter frost. Branded ice scrapers and car windscreen covers will come in so useful to people who drive to work and help them with their busy morning routines with icy car windows!


Branded Hot Chocolate Spoons

To keep your customers warm this winter why not gift them a divine branded hot chocolate spoon. The branding can be displayed on the spoon or on the chocolate itself. One of these chocolate spoons is a sure fire way to keep your customers in your good books and remembering your brand.


Promote your company with some outdoor promotional products this winter, you never know who is going to see and need your product or service, get your brand out there!


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The Top Promotional Products of 2017

2017 has been a fun year for the more inventive promotional product. Don’t get me wrong, the standard, essential products such as pens, lanyards and leaflets are still flying out to customers but, companies are becoming much more daring with the types of promotional products they are giving away to their customers.

Technology related items

Technology is fast growing and the consumables to go alongside are useful and desired. Mobile phone accessories such as earphones, mobile phone cases, mobile phone stands are quickly becoming popular promotional products that companies gift to their customers. Branding these practical items means that they will be seen by a huge array of people day to day.


Fun workwear

Formal shirts, polo-shirts and t-shirts are always going to be needed within the uniform choices for your company but, you can’t always see a branded shirt on someone when they’re out and about in the frosty winter.Fleeces, gilets and coats are becoming much more popular to brand, so you can promote your company, whatever the weather.


Higher value items over cheaper branded items

This might not be what budget buyers want to hear but, when consumers are attending exhibitions or events they are setting their sights higher than the less expensive branded giveaways that are on offer. Branded sweets, trolley coins and mugs will always be appreciated but, top end promotional giveaways such as branded power banks, promotional golf umbrellas and bespoke diaries are becoming more common , valued freebies.


Exhibition kit

At exhibitions the stands and apparel are also becoming more brand heavy with not only the company name on the stands but also the table cloths, napkins, and in some cases, printed on the stools and tables that’s the exhibitor is sitting on.


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