Promotional Advent Calendars

The countdown to Christmas begins with Promotional Advent Calendars

If you wish to promote your business, new product idea or a great new service you’re offering to your clients around Christmas time, then look no further as we have the perfect countdown-to-Christmas Bespoke Advent CalendarsWe have a range of special calendars that your clients, associates and colleagues will enjoy whilst promoting your company’s name and values.

Company Advent Calendars are one of the best countdown to Christmas gifts that you can give to your clients. Thinking of placing an order? With us you can be rest assured that you will get a number of different and innovative options. Here are a few options that you can explore.

Promotional Chocolate Advent Calendars:

Let the Christmas countdown begin with some lip-smacking chocolates. One Chocolate for each day of Advent is surely one of the appealing ways to build up to Christmas. If you give us your bespoke ideas on how you wish your delicious Company Chocolate Advent Calendars to look, our design team will come up with a top-quality design.  You can have the company logo printed on the chocolate, have the name of the company emblazoned on the calendar and your business message displayed too. You can also be rest assured that your clients will get the best quality chocolates in our Branded Chocolate Advent Calendars.

Advent Calendar House:

Does your client want a quirky design with luxury chocolate? Then you must opt for our Advent Calendar House. This house has 12 or 24 doors. Behind each door there is a luxury RITTER chocolate wrapped individually. Your customers will love the calendars exciting three-dimensional shape and great creative design that can incorporate their business logo and message.

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Classic Desk Advent Calendar:

We also provide calendars that can be kept on your clients’ desk. These calendars have a classy design and can be printed with your bespoke business requirements. These can serve as very economical, yet gratifying Christmas reminders for your esteemed clients.

Classic Wall Advent Calendar:

Our classic Wall Advent Calendars contain a chocolate behind every door and can be printed with your customised promotional message! We have a wide range of standard motifs available for your Classic Wall Calendar or, you can design your own. Supplied in a solid board box each calendar is independently printed.

These are some of the examples of Promotional Advent Calendars that we have. If you are keen to give these amazing Branded Advent Calendars to your clients then get in touch with us here at bmt Promotions, it’s never too early to order.

Before connecting with us, have a look at the different options of Promotional Advent Calendars that we have on our website. Upload your business logo and images that you wish to have printed onto your calendar, the quantity, style and delivery date required and we will get back to you with a quotation.

Every year there is a huge demand for our Chocolate Advent Calendars and other customised Advent Calendars so, there is a possibility that the goods may be out of stock for a limited period. We replenish our stock as early as possible but, in order to prevent loss of precious time, it is always better to place an order with us at your earliest convenience.

Promotional Advent Calendars are of the most delicious and enjoyable bespoke gift options for your business associates as well as personal contacts. Just choose an advent calendar from our wonderful collection or contact us for a bespoke design.


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