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The Benefits Of Promotional Wall Planners

Promotional products have the potential to take your business to new audiences that could become new customers. Promotional products are an extremely powerful marketing tool as they allow your brand to connect with consumers by engaging their senses.

When it comes to a marketing product that consumers will see all year round, nothing beats a promotional wall planner.

Offering promotional printed wall planners to your customers, prospective and current, is a fantastic idea to promote your brand. These promotional wall planners are cost-effective and affordable so, your marketing budget goes a long way for a small cost. You can customise, the colour, size and design of the wall planners to fit your business brand. Your wall planner can have a theme to showcase a particular product or service in a vast advertising space. It is an amazing way to create brand awareness among the audience on a great scale that will be seen all year long.

At bmt Promotions we have wall planners in varying sizes from A0 to A3. The size of the wall planner you choose will depend entirely on how much space you have on your wall to display the calendar and how much information you need to add to the wall planner.

Here is some additional information on our promotional wall planners that can help you advertise your business:

  • Each of our promotional wall planners are printed in full colour on 170g Matte Art paper for a vibrant addition to your office, warehouse or on retail walls.
  • The advertising space is usually placed at the top of the wall planner, in a large font so it is eye-catching. The space is large enough for your logo, business message and company contact details. In some instances there is space for a notes section aswell to jot down other important points throughout the year.
  • The style of each wall planner can be changed to your specific needs. You can have your calendar designed in blocks, in columns, in columns with a year to view and in rows with year to view.
  • Academic templates are available for schools, colleges and universities that’s staff wish to purchase wall planners for their offices.

Wall planners are a functional promotional product as they are used to keep appointments and are ideal for scheduling. It is very common that anything related to business; client appointments, deadlines, staff holidays and even employee birthdays are documented on wall planners. Wall planners provide a year-round experience which means 365 opportunities to make people remember your business. When your company’s wall planner is used by the audience daily, they will remember you and more likely to keep you in mind for the future.

Take at a look at our promotional wall planners and if you have any further queries or if you require a quote please do not hesitate to get in touch at, by filling out our ‘Quick Quote’ form or by calling 01933409489.