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Help the Environment with Promotional Plastic Alternatives


In the past few months, the media have been discussing the urgent need to reduce the worlds plastic usage, as recently, photographic images have been exposed of plastic bottles, bags, and beads floating around in our oceans, killing wildlife and destroying habitats. Many companies and public members are making a pledge to stop buying and […]

Ditch the Disposables and Brand your Reusables


International sandwich shop chain, Pret a Manger have started a campaign to reduce the use of disposable cups by offering a 50p discount to customers that bring in their own reusable mugs. Starbucks and Costa have followed suit and more coffee companies are starting to do the same. This is a positive step forward for […]

Promotional China Mugs – Popular Promotional Gifts


Promotional China Mugs Promotional mugs have been a popular item to send out to customers to promote businesses for a long time. Business branded mugs have longevity and make an impact on a budget. If you visit any workplace, it won’t take you long to spot promotional mugs on employees desks. Using branded mugs to […]

The Versatility of Enamel Mugs


Enamel mugs are a popular promotional item. They are durable, visually attractive and make an impressive branded gift for lovers of the outdoors but, what is an enamel mug and why should you be purchasing some? What is enamel? Enamel is a material that is created by fusing powdered glass to a substrate and fired […]