Predictions of Promotional Product Marketing for 2019


The types of promotional products that businesses have bought this year have continued to vary from previous years. Companies have been more outlandish with their ideas and want to promote their company with distinct promotional merchandise. For 2019, we have few predictions of where the promotional product industry will travel too…

  1. Businesses will invest in high quality promotional products

Our predictions, after reviewing some of our customers spending habits, are that more businesses will invest in a high-quality promotional product in 2019. We have had a surge of orders for top-quality promotional pens, deluxe bespoke umbrellas and branded metal keyrings instead of the budget options. This could be due to the type of client that the business is trying to attract, the marketing budget that they have to spend has increased or, they may be wanting to use the item for various campaigns therefore they are looking at the longevity of the product.

  1. Awareness of their carbon footprint

During 2018, many businesses have been acknowledging their carbon footprint and are wanting to make changes for the good of the environment. One of our predictions is that companies will start to purchase eco-friendly promotional products including our range of recycled material promotional pens and pencils, our selection of reusable water bottles and our cotton shopper bags. All of these items are made from eco-friendly material and are long lasting and durable.

  1. The quirkier the better

Many businesses have opted for distinct promotional products for their marketing campaigns this year and our prediction is that companies will continue to do this throughout 2019. Lots of our customers have asked us to design logos and produce products specifically for an event or a promotional product marketing campaign. Specialist items such as bespoke cappuccino stencils, branded Italian leather jackets and templates for imprinting a business’s logo into the sand are all items that have been created by us, for our customers this year.

Companies want to impress their customers and potential new clients and with bespoke branded giveaways this is achievable.

At BMT Promotions, we want to give our customers the best customer experience and provide top quality items that will help you with your marketing campaigns. Head to our website to look at some of our popular promotional products or, call us on 01933 409489 or email for a conversation about designing a bespoke promotional product that represents your companies message.

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