The Power Of The Power Bank


Topping up your mobile phone and laptop batteries has never been easier with the power bank charger. A power bank is a transportable device that charges your gadgets on the go, and the branded power bank is one of bmt promotions biggest sellers! From mini keyring power banks to slimline chargers to higher capacity power banks we have one to suit you all, and bmt Promotions can brand it to your specification.

Perfect for phones

Most people’s mobile phones are always on these days, bmt Promotions have a range of small power banks in a variety of colours and sizes that are perfect for keeping your phone battery alive. The aluminium power bank, the cylinder, Karabiner, Transparent and Block power banks all come in a range of battery sizes leading up to 3000mAH. A 3000mAH battery which will recharge an iPhone from zero battery to fully charged, once.

Charging larger devices

If you wish to charge a camera, tablet or larger device you will need a more substantial power bank. The solar LED power bank and the slimline power bank are ideal for devices that you need to keep working long after the standard battery life is gone.

Go Wireless

The new, innovative technology in the power bank range is the wireless power bank charger. The charger automatically detects a device with no search for wires and cables. This charger is perfect for reviving batteries on the go, it is made of anti-slip material to reduce the chances of dropping and has shock proof technology if it accidentally does take a tumble.

Power Bank Branding

There is space on all bmt Promotions power bank chargers for PAD printing or laser engraving your company brand onto them. Please have a look at our power bank range on the website and get in touch at for your quotation.

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