Office Desk Gift Ideas For Your Customers


When giving out promotional products, the aim is to get your brand seen as much as possible, by the people that matter, right?

So, send out some promotional desktop items that are useful to all team members of your targeted audience. The products will get passed around and increase your brands awareness. These items will not only be seen by the employees of the company but, visitors and their customers too. Your desktop products could drum up a conversation and potentially increase orders on your products or services.

Our top desktop products

Desktop promotional items need to be useful and eye-catching to stay on a person’s desk. Here are a few of bmt Promotions favourite products that are both of those things:

Branded stress mobile phone holder Mobile phones are as important as a person’s computer these days. They’re always going to need to be at hand. Provide your customer or potential clients with a branded stress foam phone holder so their phone can sit comfortably on their desk. Their phone will always be visible to them and so will your brand.

Promotional USB Keyring – People store data daily whether it be an accountant backing up an Excel document, a blogger saving their latest post or a potential new author working on their fiction idea. Providing a branded USB keyring will ensure that their work can be backed up and taken home with them alongside your arty business logo printed on the USB keys casing.

Branded Pens You can never find a pen when you want one, can you? Deliver a box of branded pens emblazoned with your logo to your customers. They’ll be forever appreciative that they no longer need to search for pens and the branded writing tools will soon be distributed around the office for all to use and see your branding.

The promotional pens will be taken home in handbags (by accident, of course!) and could be used by numerous people who potentially could be interested in your products or services.

Promotional Drinkware Cups and coasters stay on desks, they’re all around offices for customers, and their visitors to see.  Branded coffee mugs are a cost-effective promotion product, they can scream quality whilst also being inexpensive and it’s a fast way for lots of people to see your brand within an office.

You could even send a gift bundle of all these items branded with your logo to your top customers. Get in touch with us here at bmt Promotions and we can help you with your promotional product needs.

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