Make Your Brand Spring Into Life With These Seasonal Promotional Products


The clocks go forward within the next couple of weeks which means the start of the glorious season of Spring! The beginning of blossom on the trees, April showers and more sunlight throughout the day. It’s also a great time to revamp your marketing campaigns and introduce some fresh promotional merchandise to give out to your customers and potential clients alike.

Drip, drip drop little April Showers

Spring is a wonderful time of the year as the days start to get longer but, we mustn’t forget those April showers pouring down. The rain might be feeding the grass ready for a lush green summer lawn but, it’s also going to soak us through too. Be prepared and get yourselves some branded telescopic umbrellas. Keep some in your office to use when you’re popping out to lunch or, get a few extra branded with your logo and send some onto your customers. Handy promotional items are always a winner.

Advertising alfresco

We’re outside a lot more as the Spring weather starts to appear and alfresco lunches start to become a thing. If your employees are off to munch their sandwiches in the open air, provide them with a promotional travel mug to take along with them so they can sup on a smoothie, or catch up with friends over a coffee and advertise your business whilst they do so.

Spring Easter treats

Within the season of Spring is the remembrance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We celebrate this with an abundance of gifts for the young including a lot of chocolate. The collection of promotional Easter confectionery varies year on year and in 2019 includes the flat Choco Easter Egg made of premium quality chocolate. This Easter treat can be supplied in plenty of flavours including:

  • dark chocolate with strawberries,
  • peach and crunchy spheres covered with salty caramel,
  • milk chocolate with pineapple,
  • blackberries and crunchy spheres covered with salty caramel,
  • white chocolate with orange,
  • cranberries and crunchy spheres covered with milk chocolate

Your business branding can be printed over the chocolate egg box and, on some of our Easter confectionery gifts, the chocolate can be embossed with your logo too. These promotional chocolate items make great gifts for your employees and customers and, with your added branding, your business will have more exposure.

Branded bottles for a spring run

When it’s warmer outside more people tend to venture to the open air to exercise. To encourage your employees to do the same, why not gift them a promotional water bottle that they can take with them when working up a sweat in the springtime. The water bottles come in many colours and can be printed with your business logo. They have a handle grip that’s perfect for use during an outdoors run.

For more Spring related promotional products, please head to the website or call 01933 409489 or email for further information.

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