Do Promotional Products Still Hold Value In This Digital Age?


We are in a digital age. The age where businesses choose to advertise online instead of in newspapers and prefer to use their social media pages to promote their products and services instead of travelling and showing them at events and exhibitions. Advertising online is completely understandable; you can market yourselves to the masses and get your products seen by a substantial number of people at a relatively low cost.

So, what about sending out promotional products? Is this now too old fashioned? Are they needed in this age where online promotion seems to be working?

Well, the answer is yes, promotional products are still needed.

Promotional products are one of the most influential tools a company can use when it comes to connecting with their potential customers and increasing their brand recognition; 89% of people claimed they could recall the brand of a product they received in the last two years.

Other reasons why promotional products work are:

  • They are personable. You can choose specific branded products to be sent out to your targeted audience i.e. producing some samples of promotional pens with your targeted customers company details on to create an impact. This is something online advertising simply cannot do.

  • Many companies wanting to start a promotional product campaign have stated that the main reason for doing so was to raise awareness and interest in a brand. The thought process behind this; a gift provides an instant response of appreciation from the consumer, the consumer quickly associates the brand with this feeling, and brand awareness is amplified.

Keeping the promotional products that you send out to your customers relevant, high quality and useful will enable promotional products to continue to be well received and your company will be appreciated by the recipients.

Relevant promotional products

When sending clients branded items, you should remember the niche that you are targeting. Providing corporate clients with branded fitness merchandise wouldn’t necessarily end up as a successful marketing campaign. This would also be the case if you sent branded USB keys to a gymnasium. Keep the item as relevant to the type of organisation as possible.

High quality promotional products

Your business brand will be linked with the products that are given away, so ensuring that the products are of a high quality is paramount. Giving any branded item that is of poor design and engineering will have the opposite result that you envisioned.

Useful promotional products

A useful product is likely to be used every day, acting as a daily reminder of your brand. For example, corporate customers will opt for pens, notebooks and USB keys.

Keeping digital in mind

The digital age has been very helpful for business advertising, so it is a positive idea to keep promotional items relevant. Why not offer your consumers a digital gift instead of a physical promotional product, such as a discount voucher sent via email? The main aim for your business is to advertise your brand and what you have to offer to your targeted audience. A useful, quality promotional item, or email offer, will be a regular reminder of your company and potentially increase business too.

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