Different Printing Methods for Promotional Umbrellas


With our telescopic, walking and golf umbrellas to choose from there are many ways in which you can promote your brand in the rain. Promotional umbrellas can also be printed in a variety of ways to help your business branding truly stand out from the crowd.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a well-established print method for our promotional umbrellas. This print method is long-lasting with a super vibrant outcome. The process of screen printing is as follows:

  • An image is transferred to the umbrella surface by ink
  • This is then pressed through a stencilled (or silk) screen.
  • Next, the image is treated with a light-sensitive emulsion.
  • A separate screen is required for each colour to be printed.

There are many advantages to using screen printing including Exceptional imitation of colour logos, Economical printing method and lower cost origination fees.

With our custom made umbrellas we are able to screen print your business logo all over the panels before they are attached whereas our ready-made umbrellas have a restriction of printing on them. Screen printing cannot go up to the seams and the size of your business logo cannot be over A4.

Four Colour Printing

Umbrellas are a high-value promotional gift and a reminder of your company, so why not invest some more of your marketing budget into top-quality golf umbrellas with a high-end print process?

For intricate printing, onto our promotional umbrellas, we have the ability to printing to extraordinary quality using a four-colour print process. This is used specifically for the reproduction of detailed artwork where vivid colour and shading is required. Because of this the four-colour print process is a more expensive option but, it does allow immense depth of colour and detail.

Digital Printing and Dye Sublimation

This is a technique of printing umbrellas digitally and permits full panel print. This type of printing is also called edge-to-edge printing using vibrant colour and patterns. As technology has advanced, digital and dye sublimation printing has been made more available.

Sublimation printing is the application of sublimation inks onto the material using a heat press which provides the vital combination of heat, pressure and time. This combination causes the inks to be transformed from a solid to a gaseous state allowing them to penetrate the material so that a long-lasting, full colour image is formed. The colour infiltrates the surface of the umbrella canopy so that the result is vivid, long-lasting and resilient to scratching unlike some other printing methods that simply print onto the surface of the item. Benefits of digital print on umbrellas and dye sublimation of umbrellas.

You can pantone match your business logo using dye-sublimations printing on to umbrellas as well as:

  • Achieving full panel designs for a bold look
  • You can use many colours – there are no limits
  • Colours stay vibrant as there is a lack of deterioration after prolonged use.

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