10 Ways To Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly – Part 2


Following on from part 1 of “10 ways to make your business more eco-friendly” here are five further ideas to help your business go green.

  1. Sourcing goods sustainably. If you’re not already, start purchasing any good and services in the most sustainable way possible. Examples of this include:

  • For your packaging materials choose recycled ones and those that can be recycled again.

  • For your canteen, purchase fresh food from local suppliers so there is less vehicle use reducing pollution.

  1. Reducing water usage. Water usage can cost a business a lot of money: when food is being prepared, when toilet facilities are being used and when workplaces need cleaning. Ways to save money and be more eco-friendly could include:

  • Fixing leaks – If you have taps with leaks, get them fixed. The water that is being wasted is costing a lot more than you think.

  • Change your cleaning options – It would also be an eco-friendly idea to use a high-efficiency pressure washer for any large cleaning jobs that need completing rather than a hose connected to a tap. The job will get the job finished a lot quicker and use much less water.

  1. Only print essentials. On occasion we need to print out documents – tickets, maps, information for a meeting but, sometimes showing the information on a device is an option too and certainly the one we should be using if we want to become more eco-friendly. We will use less ink, less paper and reduce our electric energy usage if we email paper documents to colleagues and customers. However, if you do need to print a document, do so on recycled paper!

  1. Use cloud technology. Communicate with your team via Cloud computing so that staff needn’t be in the office every day. Cloud computing is where resources can be shared along with software and information via a network, the Internet. The information is stored on physical servers maintained and controlled by a cloud computing provider. You can access what your need from cloud computing on your own device at home. By using this type of computing, less people will have to travel into work decreasing pollution from vehicles.

  1. Turn off computers at the end of the day. To save some more energy, turn off your computers and unplug phones so they are not on and unused overnight. It not only reduces your electricity bill but allows your computers to work better for longer.

These are just 10 of the ways that your business could become more environmentally friendly but, with each small change that you make there is a bigger, better impact on our environment.

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