10 Ways To Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly – Part 1


In business, we are all conscious of the legacy we want to leave behind. We want to be successful, trusted and remembered. More poignantly, numerous businesses today are striving to be more environmentally aware and create an eco-friendly business for the future.

There are numerous ways to help make your business more environmentally friendly. Small changes within a business can help to create a more sustainable future for the world around us.

We believe the top 10 ways to make a business, big or small, eco-friendlier are:

  1. Change how you travel to work. Instead of driving on your own to work, try riding a bike to reduce your carbon footprint or, car sharing with some of the other employees that live on your route to work. Both options would reduce pollution. Driving with colleagues and having a little chat can be good for your mental health on the journey to and from work too. Another way to reduce your carbon footprint could be to work from your home office if you are not required to be in the office every day.

  1. Invest in bins for different types of recycling. There are several types of recycling e.g: food recycling, paper, plastic, glass, so purchasing the correct bins for each recycling type and labelling them will help employees to put rubbish in the correct place.

  1. Don’t get your lunch on the go. Start making your own lunches. Whenever we buy from a sandwich shop at break times we are buying more packaging, some of it is non-recyclable! Begin to organise yourselves and prepare your own lunches at home. This will reduce the amount of extra packaging that is being purchased and thrown away.

  1. Using energy efficient appliances. There is a direct link between your energy usage and the environment. When you expend less power, you decrease the number of poisonous fumes released by power plants, help to preserve the earth’s natural resources and assist in defending ecosystems from destruction. By acting to reduce your energy consumption, your business will be contributing to a healthier and happier world.

Ways to help your business with energy usage would be, firstly, to check your staff room fridge and your light bulbs. If they are not very energy efficient, then the following steps could be made to reduce your energy footprint:

  • Swap your fridge for a new energy efficient one or, turn off the power in the evenings and weekends to save some power.

  • Change old lightbulbs to energy efficient ones. Using natural light where you can in place of lightbulbs would also reduce the electricity you use.

  1. Choose green cleaning products – Keep your office spotless with cleaning products that don’t contain harmful chemicals. There are many new and improved products out that can do the job of cleaning whilst protecting the environment. Preferably chose products with packaging that can be recycled too so your business is extra eco-friendly.

To be continued…

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