Why Wearing Staff Uniform, Makes A Great First Impression


From conducting research, many psychologists agree that it takes approximately three seconds to form a first impression. Confidence and trustworthiness make up around 80-90% of those first impressions.

In business, you want to appear both trustworthy and confident to your customers and employees. You want to create a professional impression to your employees on a daily basis. You also want your customers to be able to trust that your company will work legitimately and have the ability to meet their needs.

One way to create the right first impression is by wearing a uniform. Uniforms are crucial in forming a respectable first impression and making a positive start to a long-lasting customer relationship. They are one of the first things your customer will notice when interacting with your employees.

Advantages to wearing uniform

The professional look

No matter where you are; in the office, on a construction site, in a café or, you’re out at meetings, visiting customers or potential suppliers, looking professional in work attire is going to create a great first impression. A branded uniform will also strengthen your brand strategy and where you sit within your marketplace. This will set your corporation apart from your competitors in your market space.

Creates trust between customer and employees

When a customer sees a worker in branded uniform, it creates a sense of trust in the company and its abilities. A promotional uniform gives the impression that the staff take greater pride in their work and are therefore more capable of providing better products and services.

Uniform is a great time saver

Having a branded uniform to wear each day is also of benefit to the employee wearing it. People’s lives are hectic and there are many components to consider as well as work such as, family and a social life. A uniform means all team members know exactly what they are wearing each day and don’t have to spend valuable time working out what to put on every morning.

Helps with team building

Employees work harder if they feel part of something and collectively wearing a uniform gives staff a sense of belonging to the business they are working for. A uniform instils a sense of camaraderie within a team setting too. Uniform can make staff feel more equal so, no matter where you sit in the chain of command you feel appreciated and with a stronger sense of team spirit.

You become a walking advert

With branded uniform, you become a walking advertisement for the business you work for. When employees walk past people outside of the company, they will see the uniform, company logo and business name. This helps to build brand awareness and create exposure for your business.

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