Which Promotional Calendar is Right for Your Business – Wall or Desk?


The bmt Promotions print room is very busy at the moment as some of our customers have purchased promotional calendars for 2020. They are in production, ready to be sent out as gifts later in the year. Fine designs, bespoke lettering and hand-picked images that our customers have chosen make for a truly bespoke promotional item that will be gifted to their loyal clientele and, will enable our customer’s business brand to be seen all year round.

Which calendar suits your business?

Depending on the type of business you have will help you in deciding whether a wall calendar or a desk calendar is best for you.

Wall Calendars

Wall calendars contain many useful features: a quick-glance view, the option to write in appointments and notes and an even larger assortment of themes that the calendar can be based around.

Wall calendars are suitable for many types of businesses. Here are a few points that might help you decide if they’re the calendar for you.

  • Wall calendars are suitable for businesses with a lot of staff that need to view when staff are in work, have appointments or are leaving for their child’s assembly. This all helps with job scheduling.

  • Your customers may choose to take the gifted calendar home. As many people are part of busy families with many activities arranged, having more than one calendar is logical. Even if people have their own individual calendars, on their smartphones for example, being able to refer to one central calendar where everyone records their information is important.

  • All kitchens need a wall calendar, one that can alert everyone in the household about the various events happening day-to-day.

  • When a strategic location for shared viewing is needed, such as in break rooms and conference rooms, a wall calendar is required.

Desk Calendars

These calendars are great for office desks at home or at a place of work. They are great for easy access viewing and scheduling daily tasks.

There are several styles of desk calendar: The prism calendar that has two-panels with 6 months on each side, easel calendars in numerous sizes starting from A5, quick glance calendars and desk planners where more detail can be written.

Promotional desk calendars are perfect for lots of types of people, including the following:

  • Anyone who spends a lot of hours a week, working at a desk. They will, at some point, need to look up a date or organize a meeting and a promotional desk calendar, with your business brand will be at hand.

  • Any consumer at an exhibition or trade show. The calendars great for this are pocket desk calendar or the smaller quick glance calendars as they are super portable. These calendars have a large variety of themes so it can be truly bespoke to your business and be eye-catching for the recipients.

Both wall and desk calendars can be printed in full colour, your business logo can be pantone matched and you can chose the theme that best suits your business. Get in touch with bmt Promotions to discuss more!

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