What Is It Like Working With Family?


Working with a family member might sound like a terrible scenario for many people, but not in our case. I feel working alongside my husband, makes me feel more relaxed, supported and increases my productivity.

There are small issues working with family. There are times where we can be discussing work issues at home and vice versa but, we just need to learn to leave the office stuff in the office. Likewise, discussing home issues in the office is counterproductive. Focussing on the job in hand is key!

Family makes work less formal

Working with family, there is less need for time-consuming discussions which can take hours in some large corporate organisations. Decisions can be made over a quick cup of coffee at our desks instead of lots of time debating in a meeting room.

Working with a family member also ensures that the ‘quality of life’ element is considered more. If one of us is unwell, or we need to run errands, there is no huge discussion or making up the time later. We can have time off without it being a huge problem.

Knowing your colleagues

Having family as colleagues means you will more than likely understand them better. When some colleagues, who aren’t related, work together, you may not know how someone chooses to work or if someone is upset and, it can be very easy to misread what they are thinking. Miscommunication can be a main cause of office conflict, but when you’re working with family you can be yourself and speak your mind without upsetting anyone, most of the time!

United Front

Colleagues who are related are more likely to be looking out for each other than those that aren’t.

Many businesses endeavour to create a united front amongst their employees, but, this can be difficult when the staff don’t really know each other. When working with family, the united front comes much more naturally. When you’re working with family, you’re all in it together.

Most importantly, there is always someone to nag to get you a nice hot cuppa!

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