Treat Your Clients With Promotional Sweets


Promotional sweets are enjoyed by many customers, around the world at numerous business events. It’s always nice to be handed a delicious chocolate or boiled sweet when you’re walking around an exhibition, talking to potential business partners.

Handing out promotional sweets to consumers and visitors is also great for the business, especially if the sweet treat has your branding on the packaging or the piece of confectionary itself.

What type of confectionary suits your business?

There are many types of confectionary that can be used as branded merchandise at your next exhibition, as giveaways at a shop counter or a charity summer event:

Promotional Mints

Promotional mints can come in many packaging types including tins, packets, tubes and even a quirky credit card style packaging made from recyclable plastic. Our promotional mints aresugar free and a vegan product. We can also produce branded chewing gum products too.

Your business branding can be printed onto the packaging in full colour print producing a vibrant item that is sure to catch the eye of any potential customers.

Promotional Chocolates

There are so many variations of promotional chocolates that is hard to know where to start. We have:

  • Small Neapolitan chocolates that are fantastic promotional items to have as giveaways on your store counter, or bar.

  • We have promotional chocolate bars that can have your business branding engraved into the chocolate itself as well as full colour printing on the packaging. These bars come in a huge variety of flavours including, chilli, salted caramel and cherry. These have made fabulous giveaways alongside a leaflet about a company’s new product in the past.

  • There are chocolate boxes that could be given as a luxury branded giveaway to a client to say “thank-you” for their custom.

  • There are also some seasonal promotional chocolates that can be printed with your logo for Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day.

Promotional Sweets

Packaged in promotional jars to sit on a casino counter, or in small branded packets to giveaway at a children’s charity event, there’s promotional sweet idea for every business. We have vegan options in a variety of flavours, colours and design styles – there will definitely be something for you. We can also liaise with you and create a bespoke packaging for your sweets to get the optimum eye-catching product.

Whichever confectionary item you decide to go for to advertise your business, you can be sure to receive a high-quality food item with top standard printing so your brand really stands out.

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