Top 20 Most Popular Promotional Products Of 2017


A study, collated with data compiled through research and analysis of the activity of professional promotional merchandise distributors, has established what the top 20 most popular promotional products of 2017 were.

Most popular branded merchandise for 2017 and their total value (based on the average order value (£)):

Analysing the data

  • Over the past 6 years the promotional products purchased most frequently have remained relatively consistent.

  • In revenue terms, Bags continue to be the number one selling promotional product, followed by Pens & Pencils and then Plastic Giveaways.

  • Pens & Pencils and Plastic Giveaways have sold more in terms of volume, but their market value is still significantly less than that of Bags.

  • Mugs and Confectionery have remained one of the most popular items although they have swapped positions to take the fourth and fifth spots.

  • Sports bottles and USB Accessories have both grown in their market share significantly.

  • Traditional products such as Keyrings, Paper Pads and Diaries & Calendars continue to hold substantial market values.

The top five promotional products of 2017 were bags, pens and pencils, plastic giveaways, mugs and confectionary. I believe these items are the most popular because they are universally useful, portable, fun and there are variants of each product that can be purchased with any marketing budget, big or small.

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