The Importance of High-Visibility Clothing at Work


High Visibility clothing (Hi-Vis) is a type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worn in a working environment so a person is more visible. It’s a type of clothing that has reflective properties, or is made in a colour that is distinctly different from the background. Wearing high-visibility PPE enables people to be more aware of your presence, which in turn will help them to act faster in the event that they could potentially endanger you or them.

What industries should wear Hi-Vis clothing?

Occupational workers that would be need to wear Hi-Vis PPE include: construction workers, airport staff, warehouse employees and railway and motorway workforces.

Wearing high-visibility clothing can reduce accidents in high traffic areas such as construction sites and industrial areas. At these places of work hi-vis clothing or PPE is required under Health and Safety regulations.

Aisles in large storage warehouses can have relatively silent forklift equipment travelling along them all day, wearing hi-vis clothing is essential to be seen so the driver can avoid injuring someone in an accident.

Full high-visibility kit will be required when working on jobs at night. Types of clothes for night work include reflective trousers and jackets as they’re more noticeable. As well as employees, visitors may be asked to wear hi-vis reflective clothing to remain visible and safe during their visit to warehouses and construction sites.

Our high-visibility clothes range

Hi-vis clothing from bmt Promotions is affordable, lightweight and comes in different clothing types, shapes and sizes, qualities and thickness. You can have darker coloured clothes with reflective strips on, or a garment in fluorescent yellow or orange to be more visible.

Add your business branding via full colour printing or embroidery to our range of high visibility jackets, vests, sweaters and hoodies, t-shirts and polos shirts, soft shell items, fleeces, bodywarmers, waterproofs and headwear. Whatever the weather, we’ll have you covered and looking professional with your company logo on your choice of garment.

High visibility clothing is a logical choice for safety. If you feel you are not visible and pose a risk to yourself or others, the advice from bmt promotions is that you wear some form of hi vis clothing. Please be safe, you may just save your life!

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