Promotional Spring Wear For Warmer Days

Unisex Surf Windbreaker Jacket

Spring has sprung! The days are longer, the weather is getting warmer and we don’t need our thick coats anymore. We’re ready for spring here in the bmt Promotions office (actually, we’re ready for summer as we’ve already purchased a fan for the expected heatwave) and are already in our thinner promotional uniform and fleeces instead of thick duffle coats.

Amend your work attire

When the change in weather occurs, your staff uniform will need altering also. To make sure your employees are fully equipped with promotional uniform, provide them with thinner jackets and short sleeve polo shirts that advertise your brand colours and logo whilst also suiting the change in season.

Our lightweight jacket range comes in a huge variety of sizes and colours to match with your business branding and, your company logo can be printed or embroidered onto the garment.

Keep on running!

During the warmer spring weather, there are more people willing to go out and exercise. I love a long walk with the sun on my face and I’ve seen many folks out already on a springtime run. Fantastic promotional clothing items to give away or sell are bespoke running or exercising apparel. At bmt Promotions we have some unisex running jackets and polyester t-shirts that can be produced with your business logo included on the garments. If you’re a gymnasium looking for some advertising ideas, why not give away some running tops and have your clients advertise for you?

Shade from the sunshine

To see the sunshine after a long winter is glorious however, we do need to protect ourselves from too much glare and a perfect way to do this is with promotional caps. Keep the sun out of your eyes and burning the top of your head with our huge range of caps including the Beechfield Ultimate 5 panel cap which we can have embroidered with your logo so your business can be advertised whenever it’s worn.

For those chilly evenings

When the sun goes down on a spring evening the temperature will drop and will feel a little chilly. If you have staff that works in the evenings or are outside a lot of the time, a promotional jacket will not only keep them warm but, it will create extra brand awareness for your business.

For further ideas on promotional uniform and spring apparel, head to our promotional clothing page on our website.

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