Promotional Custom Made Soft PVC Keyrings


The promotional keyring

It may not seem the most desirable item to gift as a promotional product when there are more quirky items out there but, a keyring is something that majority of people have attached to their set of car and house keys. They’re noticed by many when they’re thrown on tables, hung up on hooks and played with by the kids, increasing the opportunity that your business brand could be seen on one. This makes a keyring a fantastic item to include in your promotional product portfolio.

One specific keyring that has so much versatility is the PVC keyring. PVC keyrings can be moulded into any shape you require, even a bespoke business logo.

Soft PVC

Soft PVC is used to produce bespoke keyrings because of its flexibility. It can be made into 2D or 3D shapes and dyed and printed in an abundance of colours (where we can, we will Pantone match). Promotional PVC keyrings can be branded on all sides of the keyring, whatever shape you design in vibrant colours so your company branding will definitely be getting noticed.

2D PVC Layered Keyring

The soft PVC can be cut into any shape within 50mm with up to 4 moulded PVC spot colours and the whole keyring can have your business branding printed or embossed into it. The PVC is connected by a split ring and chain fitting to create the keyring.

30mm Soft PVC Keyring

We have 30mm flexible soft PVC keyrings that can be moulded into in any bespoke shape. These keyrings are available in any Pantone colours of your choice. Ordered in minimum quantities of 100, these low cost keyrings will make a big impact to your marketing campaign.

Soft PVC 3D Keyring

Our moulded 3-dimensional soft PVC keyrings can be made into any bespoke shape and size. They are available in all Pantone colours really bringing your business branding to life.

All of these keyrings would make fantastic giveaways at exhibitions or trade shows for an abundance of different businesses and charities.  They’re easily distributed to your target market and are an economical promotional product to invest in.

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