Promotional Chocolate Giveaway Ideas and Inspiration


Thinking of your next promotional marketing campaign can be challenging. What type of product would suit the majority of your customers or potential new clients? There is one product that never seems to fail when I’ve been to exhibitions and open days and that’s chocolate.

With so many different types on offer now, including a variety of flavours, dairy-free and vegan chocolate there’s an abundance of options for you to choose to suit your consumers.

Neapolitan Chocolates

If you own a flower shop, a restaurant or a betting establishment and you want to give your customers a little more of an experience when they come into your store, why not add a couple of   small Neapolitan chocolates wrapped in foil and paper with your business branding on to their shopping bag? You could even have them sitting on the counter for people to take once they have bought something from you. Small gestures like this can go a long way. Customers will remember the generosity and be more inclined to come back to you in the future.

An array of flavoured chocolate bars

At bmt Promotions we have a variety of flavoured chocolate bars including sea salt, orange and chilli flavours. The bars are 17cm in length and 10 cm in height making them a generous size to distribute out to potential customers.

The wrapping on the chocolate bars would house your business logo and could give details about a new product you are launching. Another great marketing idea would be to include a discount code to your wrapper, offering money off next time the recipient of the chocolate buys something from your shop or online store.

Chocolate boxes

A box of branded chocolates is a luxury promotional item. When customers receive one of our Art Deco wooden chocolate boxes they know they are in for a treat. There are 16 decedent truffles in each box in a variety of flavours.

Sending a box of these out to your customers is an excellent way of celebrating your first year of trading, the launch of a new product or just as a “Thank You” to your customers for being so loyal.

Promotional chocolate shapes

A new business venture needs a fresh marketing approach and promotional chocolate shapes as giveaways would really help to get people in the door or online to your business website.

The promotional chocolate shape could be in the silhouette of your business logo or have an element of the work you do within your business. For example, a house shape for an estate agent giveaway or chocolate in the shape of a phone if you’re a technology retailer. Your business giveaway could also reflect the seasons: a heart for valentines or chocolate stars for Christmas. The wrapping will adorn your logo and create further brand awareness.

Promotional chocolate shapes are an ideal giveaway at an opening of a new office, celebrating 10 years in business or just as your next marketing campaign to get people to remember you.

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