Mix It Up With Different Promo Product Materials


Say no to non-recyclable plastics

Thermosetting plastic is an undesirable material to produce promotional products with because it is non-recyclable.

Thermosetting plastic cannot be recycled by the usual technique of heating because the molecular bonds that bind them together burn instead of melting. There are pioneering chemical processes that can be used, but they are very expensive and are a long way off being feasible.

Recyclable Plastics

It’s time to think of some other materials to make your branded merchandise with! Thermoplastic is a recyclable type of plastic that is used in the production of water bottles. Bmt Promotions will design and produce your company some branded thermoplastic fridge magnets, and then you can recycle them once you’re finished with them.

There are also the plastics that have already been recycled and made into items such as reusable water bottles, keyrings, usb-keys and pens. All these products can be branded with your company logo by us here at bmt Promotions!

Alternative Materials

At bmt Promotionswe produce our productsusing many alternative materials to plastic including:

These products sent out to current customers and potential clients will make a great statement about your promise to care for the environment.

Modern promo product materials

The latest trends that are sweeping the promotional products world are putting a fresh spin on the traditional promotional product materials you already know and love. Marble, Bamboo and Cork are fast becoming popular with clients wanting a different promotional product.

Marble – Marble has become popular with lifestyle bloggers and designers on social media and is creeping its way into the promotional product industry. Branded marble water bottles are quickly becoming the branded bottle to have!

Bamboo– Bamboo has made its way into people’s home décor and its sustainability and fresh appearance make it a fabulous marketing trend. A big hit within promotional bamboo products are coasters, pens and pencils.

Cork – Cork dates back to the 1700s and is making a comeback in the advertising world. It’s light in weight, textured and an eco-friendly material. Branded cork coasters, keyrings and usb keys are becoming more widespread in the marketing industry.

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