How to keep safe during a pandemic in the Construction, Manufacturing and Warehousing industries?


The Prime Minister announced recently that he wanted to “build, build, build” in order to get the economy back up and running at full pelt, after the Covid-19 pandemic. For this to happen, manufacturing, warehousing and construction industry workers need to be able to get back to their jobs in a safe and comfortable environment.

Social Distancing

Social distancing on some worksites may not be possible as people may need to work in close proximity to each other to carry heavy loads and move parts from one place to another. In this instance, a face mask or visor is ideal for team members to carry around and wear when appropriate.

Clear Instructions

Within the warehousing, construction and manufacturing industries, floor markings are a great way to clearly mark routes to encourage social distancing. Vinyl floor stickers are slip-resistant and laminated, protecting them from daily wear and tear. The floor stickers can also be branded with your business logo for an added professional look.

Pop-Up Hygiene Stations

Large warehouses and construction sites need plenty of hand hygiene facilities around to encourage people to sanitize. Our sanitising station is a mounted hand sanitiser dispenser (which can be securely fixed if required) and disposable glove dispenser box. It comes with an A4 updatable poster frame and a shelf area to brand or communicate a message. These can also be supplied with hand sanitiser and disposable gloves if required.

Some employers insist on a temperature check when you enter the building and our contactless thermometer would be ideal. These can work inside or out and can scan over 2,500 times from 1 charge.

Additional handwashing posters are ideal in warehouses and on construction sites, just to encourage extra hygiene of all staff members.

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