Drawstrings Bags – The Ultimate Promotional Bag Giveaway


Bags are a hugely popular promotional item due to their big branding area, ease of use and portability. There are many bag types that are fantastic for branding including cotton shopper bags, hessian and plastic. If you’re looking for a budget friendly bag that will create an abundance of attention a simple, yet highly functional drawstring bag is the way to go.

The history of the draw string bag

The drawstring bag was said to be invented in the 14th Century. In those days the bags were used to carry money and valuables. The bags were fitted with a string around a person’s waist and were used by both men and women. The women’s drawstring bags were decorated with small ornaments. These days the drawstring bag is a little larger and is mainly used to carry fitness clothes.

Five reasons to choose drawstring bags

There are many reasons to opt for a drawstring bag for your next marketing campaign, here are a few:

  1. Great for businesses with small budgets.

Not all businesses have a big marketing budget, but they still want to make a significant impact. A branded drawstring bag is a cost-effective option. Distribute these bags to a select audience you wish to target, and they will make a bold statement for a little cost.  A business can order 100 bags with their (one colour print) logo to a drawstring bag for £1.25 each.

  1. Eye-catching and striking.

bmt Promotions drawstring bags come in an array of bright, bold colours. They are striking and catch the eye of any passer-by. Your logo can be printed in daring colours to attract attention and get your business brand seen by many.

  1. Various printing types.

Typically, screen printing (1 to 4 spot colour) is used to brand these fabulous bags. Your business logo can be printed, on a large print area, centrally onto the drawstring bag. Screen printing creates a prominent image of your business logo.  In recent times dye-sublimation edge to edge print has started to be used. This type of printing enables the whole drawstring bag to be printed on with your business branding and images of your choice.

  1. Designed for recurring usage.

bmt Promotions drawstring bags are robust. They are designed to tolerate use daily and will not break easily. These drawstring bags are easy to pack, close and access. With only a single main compartment, drawstring bags offer an uncomplicated design with no zips or locks.

  1. Ideal for many business types.

A promotional drawstring bag is a fabulous branded gift for a variety of businesses, educational establishments and sports facilities. They make excellent branded gym kit bags for children football clubs and top giveaways for gymnasiums to give out to their customers. A promotional drawstring bag is also ideal for school children to carry arts and crafts as the bags are easily washable.

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