Ditch the Disposables and Brand your Reusables

International sandwich shop chain, Pret a Manger have started a campaign to reduce the use of disposable cups by offering a 50p discount to customers that bring in their own reusable mugs. Starbucks and Costa have followed suit and more coffee companies are starting to do the same.

This is a positive step forward for large corporate companies in their efforts to become more environmentally friendly and influencing their customers to do the same.

Even the Prime Minister, Theresa May, has exercised the need to reduce the use of disposable plastic and has dished out some reusable mugs to her cabinet members.

The Americano

Here at bmt Promotions we too are continually thinking about ways to create brand awareness whilst also improving our products and becoming more environmentally aware.

So, we bring you the Americano. A 15cm high reusable thermal mug. You can add your company logo to this mug and create brand recognition wherever you go. For an amazing impact, the Americano offers a full colour wrap print to your mug, achieving incredible effects. You can complete the look of your mug with a screw-fix lid in a choice of twelve colours.

Drinkware Additions

It’s not just the drinkware itself that needs a material update but the additional items that go with a drink including plastic tea spoons and straws. There is a demand for eco-friendly alternatives and Costa Coffee and Pret a Manger have recently stated that they are looking to replace their plastic straws with biodegradable alternatives.

Here at bmt Promotions we can help with your disposable plastic drinkware alternatives.

Drop us a line on 01933 409489 and talk to us about some of your ideas on plastic drinkware alternatives. For a quote to attach your company logo to some reusable drinkware head to our website.

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