Branded Latex Balloons – Are They As Dangerous As Single Use-Plastic?


The media coverage of the disposal of non-recyclable plastics and the long-term effects to the earth, our wildlife and marine life has been huge of late.

At bmt Promotions we recognise our responsibility to look after our planet and support efforts to reduce the waste caused by single plastic use. We endeavour to encourage our customers to purchase recyclable promotional products, and we are using more sustainable alternatives to non-recyclable plastics to produce our branded items.

Unfortunately, there has been some incorrect information distributed by the media about some balloons, in this case latex balloons.

What are Latex Balloons?

Press reporting has been suggesting that all latex balloons are as dangerous to our environment and wildlife as single-use plastic. This is not true. Our latex balloons are made of Natural Rubber Latex, also known as NRL.

Latex is a natural product sourced from the HeveaBrasiliensis rubber tree. It is 100%recyclable and fully sustainable. The farming of natural latex also helps to contribute to the prevention of deforestation and keeps millions of people in work in some of the poorest parts of the world.

How the latex balloon decomposes.

  • A latex balloon starts to decompose the moment it encounters the natural elements.

  • This natural breakdown is quickly accelerated when the balloon is inflated and exposed to the sun and oxygen.

  • The process of decay causes the balloon to oxidise. Oxidation starts within one hour of inflation and is noticeable in some types of balloon as a cloudy appearance.

  • A latex balloon will disintegrate in the same way that the wood from a tree will rot, as a latex balloon is made from the sap of the tree.

Branding our latex balloons

Branded latex balloons are a fantastic, low-cost promotional item. They are bright, fun, eye-catching and look great with printed with a client’s branding. bmt Promotions latex balloons can be printed with up to five spot colours or CYMK printing.

All our latex balloons can be inflated with either air or helium, for which purpose we can supply a multitude of accessories including valves, ribbon and weights. We can custom print latex balloons to exact specifications and use the Pantone® colour matching system to ensure our client’s branding is accurately reproduced.

For further information on our latex balloons or any promotional products, please get in touch!

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