A Promotional Products Staple – The Branded Mug


When we’re asked what a go-to promotional product is, no matter what business you’re in, a branded mug will always be a successful advertising tool because – everyone drinks, don’t they?

People in all walks of life and business need to wet their whistles on a daily basis so why not supply them with a cup or mug with your logo and strapline to tell people what you’re all about?

Promotional mugs are a cost-effective marketing tool for businesses on a tight budget. There are hundreds of design options and mug types to suit your business and we can even Pantone match the mug to your company colours.

At bmt Promotions we can produce heat changing mugs to reveal your business logo when you’re making a cuppa, chalk mugs to write your own message and lots of different styles including cappuccino, espresso and latte.

We can create mugs in various materials too and how you decide which material to go for depends on the cost, durability and visual appeal of the mug:

Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic mugs tend to be lower cost and hard-wearing, enduring a great deal of wear and tear which makes them fantastic for everyday use. Their durability ensures that they can be used for many years meaning your business logo has the potential to be seen by a large variety of people over that time.

China Cups

Promotional china cups and mugs are also highly durable but have a higher perceived value. These are perfect for a bespoke gift for a loyal customer, or if you’re hosting a business open day with tea and scones and want to impress the attendees.

Enamel Mugs

These lightweight mugs are perfect for taking outdoors when you’re camping, sitting in the garden with a coffee or, as they’re so chic these day, using indoors too. Created by fusing glass particles to the outside of a thin piece of steel, enamel mugs are a great conductor of heat and can hold steaming hot coffee as well as any piece of ceramic can. Get your business logo on some of these to hand out at the next trade show you’re exhibiting at to create brand awareness in a trendy way.

Travel Mugs

Great for people on the go and if you’re wanting a nice hot drink on your drive or walk into work. Travel mugs come in many shapes and sizes and we can add your business logo, however you desire, to our vibrant cups. Our Americano Thermal Mug are great for the environment as they can be used in coffee shops around the country as a refillable cup instead of using cardboard ones.

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