10 Marketing Ideas Using Promotional Products To Try Before The End Of 2019


Creating new and exciting ways to get your business name and message out to potential new customers, those that haven’t bought from you in a while and your loyal clients can prove tricky.

Using promotional products as your tool, you can gain new customers and get more people talking about your business than ever before.

Here are 10 ideas to get your company in the forefront of people minds using promotional products:

  1. Target clients you haven’t heard from in a while. Send out a promotional pen or a t-shirt with your new logo on to clients that you haven’t heard from since the beginning of the year. It may re-jig their memory of your business and get them buying from you again.

  1. Supply items to a target audience. Get to know what your customers like and would want in a promotional product. Giveaway some promotional t-shirts but first think about who you are gifting them too. Is it mainly women you will be handing them out to as they might want a more fitted t-shirt? Are you selling on a stall for a charity event? Then pick items such as balloons and keyrings in the custom charity colours.

  1. Re-establish contact with a client after a customer service issue. If there has been some minor problems with an order that has gone to a customer or, a service has not been up to scratch for some reason, reach out. Speak to your customer, resolve the issue and offer a small promotional gift. A promotional pen and notepad would be great here. It will leave the customer with a better feeling about you and your business rather than the error that was made.

  1. Send out some useful goodies to potential new customers. Promotional pens, paper, mugs and keyrings are fantastic to send out for people to use. The items will act as a regular reminder of your business to budding new clients. Pick some people you would like to work with or sell to and send out some information on your business with some goodies to help them remember you.

  1. Hand out goodies at an exhibition. Exhibitions are a great way to meet new people and trade information on your business. Leave the attendees with little reminders about your business by giving away a promotional leaflet and a gift that they will see regularly such as a promotional umbrella, pens or drinkware.

  1. Send items in the post to new clients. We all love to receive post, at home and within our businesses. Unfortunately the main post tends to be bills or invoices. How nice would it be to receive a promotional gift through your letterbox? If you’re looking to sell to new clients send some information about your business alongside a promotional gift. Items such as sticky notes and a branded pen will go a long way in helping to keep your business name remembered if they need your services in the future.

  1. Treat your loyal customers to a branded gift. Make sure you say thank you to your trusty clientele for all there custom in 2019 with an attractive promotional gift. We have luxury chocolate boxes, wireless power banks and bespoke golf umbrellas that can be branded with your business details so they won’t forget where the gift has come from.

  1. Hold a social media competition to get more people interacting with your business. It could be to design a promotional t-shirt and the winner receives some promotional goodies. The community nature of social media can spread awareness beyond your main audience. Use this to your advantage and hold a successful challenge to keep your community connected to your business.

  1. Give out items at business meetings and luncheons. If you’re off to a meeting about a project, take some promotional pens and notepads with you to leave at your meeting place. People always need to jot down notes and if they do so with your promotional items they are more likely to remember your business next time some work comes up.

  1. Sponsor an event and give out some merchandise. If you’re sponsoring a golf event or a charity fair, get in there with some promotional items that could help your business along too. Get permission from the event manager to print custom caps, keyrings and confectionary that include your business branding. Most people like to keep souvenirs from events they attend and it could lead to future business.

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