Clear Optical Crystal Cenotaph Award with a Single Cobalt Blue Line

  • Product Description: The word cenotaph means ‘monument’ and these awards provide a stunning monument to achievement. The clear optical crystal top and base are joined by a single line of cobalt blue, creating an award that is bound to become a focal point when on display. There are three sizes available (20cm, 23cm and 26cm) and each comes in its own foam lined gift box.
  • Product Code: 20cmSY3063 / 23cm SY3064 / 26cm SY3065
  • Product Weight: 20cm = 860g / 23cm = 1.5kg / 26cm = 2.5kg
  • Dimensions: 20cm = 150x125x50mm / 23cm = 185x150x55mm / 26cm = 225x185x60mm
  • Engraving Area: 20cm = 30x50mm / 23cm = 35x60mm / 26cm = 40x85mm